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04 Oct
I'm starting a personal ranked record in order to analyze mistakes I'm making and how i can improve. If anyone reading this cares to comment, feel welcome to do so, but it's really for my own edification at the end of the day. So here it goes...

Current stats-
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31 Aug
So I've been lurking around here for a good bit; I comment every now and again and try and make it to most of the in houses but I figure it's probably high time I've had some sort of introduction, so here it is:

Hi, I am Vulkenhyn.

Welp there u go ppl, I'll c u around...

I have this thing where I like editing writing for syntax and general grammar, so if I do please don't take it personally. I do it because I'm trying to assist you. That being said if anyone wants me to take a look at a guide or something, you're welcome to ask :)
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