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Zyra, Xerath, Fizz
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Apr 5th, 2013
Apr 5th, 2013
Jun 21st, 2013


I am a guy who playes more normals than ranked games. Not an extreme gammer but I do get very passionate. Typically not a toxic player unless it is someone I know as a joke. I play in the mid lane whenever I can but if that is taken then I prefer to go any role bot. I try to go Tristana or Ezreal ADC and Volibear or Zyra support. Top lane I play Volibear or Vladimer. And jungle I go Fiddlesticks or Volibear. That may give you an idea of what kind of player I am (I try to play champs where I get into the heat of the action). Currently my main video games I play are League of Legends, Planetary Annhiliation, and Co-op Portal2.