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Summoner Info

Saint Angel Vels (Unverified)
Kayle, Hecarim, Fiora
Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Caster DPS


I am just a player whos closest friend got him into the game before this past summer. That being said I feel I've progressed and shall continue to push forward. Maybe one day I'll play ranked with the big boys but that is not my main concern.

I strive to find Champions that I like (and sometimes the ones others do not) and make the best out of them that no one sees coming. I have built outlandish and outright different builds and after trial and error periods of reconstruction and reconfiguration I find my own unique "perfect" build, if you will.

I always play to win, however I play to enjoy and have fun while creating the best experience that I can with other players. I never rage and never quit so don't be surprised if I never say yes to a surrender vote. ;) I play with honor and admit my mistakes where necessary. I look forward to anyone who wishes to battle against my foes at my side or maybe those who wish to go head-on! >;D