So today, I just went through the Mr. Alma Mater auditions for our prom since I was nominated for it due to my grades and there was completely no way to back out.

Being the fact that this was only the second time I had been in a competition like this in real life, I was nervous as all hell. The first time I was in one of these was several months back. And in that, we had to memorize and present a specific piece in front of the judges and then go through a Q&A portion to become the Young Jose Rizal contestant. And that went disastrous for me, for it being my first competition. I ended up forgetting a few lines and misplacing one line ahead of the another. I did however, nail the Q&A portion by being the only one who gave a relevant answer. Didn't win the part though, but I didn't really mind since I didn't really want the part to begin with.

This time however, I went in confident since I kinda wanted to graduate and have something amazing to remember. The criteria this time around were mostly the same, however instead of memorizing and presenting a piece, we were to showcase a talent. I originally planned to play "One Day" by "Nagi" on a piano, but my confidence quickly faded as soon as the other guys started showcasing their talents -I was last.

I suddenly felt nervous and soon it was nauseating. However once my turn was coming up, I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and decided that I'll just since the song out since I'm positive I'll make a mistake when I do it on the piano. And that went great, I surprised everyone by showing that I could sing. Q&A was also a breeze. I dunno how, but I suddenly forgot the question that was given to me, but I'm pretty sure I answered it properly.

Sadly, I didn't get the part since the judges were biased apparently according to a teacher. They gave the award to the one who they wanted to win, and not who really did the best. And this was obvious for the most part, especially for the girl's competition. Everyone in the crowd -including me and most of the other contestants-, expected the second contestant to win considering how well she did in everything, but nope. That slot went to the third contestant who, while she did OK but not as good as the one before her, happened to be the one running for valedictorian in our class. If you were present, you would have been rooting for the same person, even if you were good friends with both of them.

In the end, I'm not really bothered by it though. Since I did have fun in the contest, and I left a mark behind. However, my stomach still hurts. I never felt this sick in my entire life so far.