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I'm relatively new to League of Legends, going on to almost a month now. I played Heroes of Newerth for a short time before that, say 1-3 weeks but kept falling in and out of it.

My game background is extensively MMORPG's. I've dabbled in a few things; Runescape, Rose Online, Fiesta, Silk Road Online and more I'm sure of it. I never stuck around to play those games, I have however been playing WoW since Burning Crusade. Then off. Then on. Then off. Current Status: Off.

I'm liking League of Legends and am excited by the prospect of trying a few champions I haven't yet had the chance to. Though annoyingly have to fill out my rune page before making any such champ purchases.

I am 20 years old, male and live in Australia. If you're into ranked matches I'd very much like an invite. I've yet to get into them, what with being relatively new and all. Add me in game and I'll be sure to accept (;