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Waffl3x (Unverified)
Jungler, Ranged DPS, Caster DPS


Well, I guess I outta fill this out, I'm waffl3x, and I play league, good enough? No? Don't like my humor either? Fine.
Anyway, one day I woke up and decided I would start actually up voting guides, so I made an account. Then another day I decided I would make a Fizz guide, for jungling. So here we are, you are on my profile for no reason reading my story. :D
I have a considerable amount of experience playing LoL, I have been around for about 6 months and enjoy the game quite a bit. I will never claim I am great at the game as I often play very poorly. Anyway, if anyone bothered to read this, make sure to message me about how I continue things with anyway too much, and that you read this bio, thanks. :D

Oh, and I play too many champions to list so ;D, and I love to play non jungle champions in the jungle, like Fizz. :3

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