Now, some of you might not know, me, or badly, possibly only as the ignorant imcible who writes his own opinion and cares very little about what others think.

Especially to the newer members who have only registered recently, greetings, this won't be of any of your interests, you can very well go on living your lives, you have my thanks.

Now to those of you who actually have been sticking around for a little longer and who have actually interacted with me, I'd like to say, I had a blast of a time, met magnificent chaps and had a plethora of good moments and laughs.

Looking back I can say I'm abashed and dazzled by the sheer amount of stupid rashfulness I beared towards my fellows, and I'd just like to apologize to everyone who I've bored, angered or otherwise nuanced negatively in my time, especially towards the beginning.

Doth, the reason I'm leaving this splendid place is the fact that I gain absolutely no enjoyment from playing League of Legends anymore. I'm truly sorry, but that is simply put it and as such I have no use tumbling here day after day as such is mostly a waste of time.

I think once all is said and done there is only one thing left to speak, and that is that I'll miss most, if not all of you and even though I can be ruthlessly rash at my worse moments I expect most of you to be rather neutral or uncaring towards me.

Golly-up, Werepirelord out.

(also, if you have any unsaid bickering, this doth be thy last chance at lashing out at me)