There are many people raging in LoL.
Once I hit the 350 wins cap and started playing Ranked games, I felt like starting to rage too.
I knew I had to stop this somehow, so I took a break.
It was about like 1 week, and it was totally worth it.
I played
-Magic:The Gathering (2013)
-Spellforce:Faith in Destiny
But most importantly, I started playing SMITE, and it's a lot of fun.
But even there ragers exist, even in the closed Beta.
So I decided to start playing LoL again. And I started seeing things differently.
Also, SivHD(who is awesome btw) thaught me one important lesson.
"Look at what you're about to rage, and think about how important this will be in 1 year."
One lost game isn't that important, so I stopped raging.
Also, SMITE is awesome, but completely differant than any other MOBA's so I'll play both games.(Lol mainly).