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Warwick, Nocturne, Shen
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Hi there everyone =) , as you see ... my mobafire account name is Winchester but my summoner name in eu west is " Westbrook " I've been playing Lol shorty after beta came out ( when shen got out ) I know almost every aspect of this amazing game , and I support Riot all the way for making the best current online game ever ( Imo ) !!!

I don't do ranked ( at least not until I find a good duo partner that is around my level of skill and has a good personality and mostly we complete each other and carry ourselves to the top =) ! )
I'm friendly , I don't play for only wining , I play for fun but do my best even if we are in the path of losing , I tend to controll myself most of the time and not rage whether on the mic or on chat.

I can speak 4 languages ( Persian , French , English , and a bit of spanish )
But I prefer english in general.

My favorite role and the best role that I play in Lol is solo top , and my favorite champion is topwick !

Feel free to add me in game so we could play together =) !

~Cheers , Winchester ~