SO myself and my IRL friend are starting a bit of a side business thing, building computers and doing minor tech support stuff for people, because 1. we enjoy doing it 2. it helps people 3. we can make a bit of cash from it and 4. it will look good on college apps (especially since I want to go into CE I think :3)

Since I've built my own computer I've done a lot of research and I know quite a bit about building, I've helped some people besides building on my own. My friend built a server, is an IT for his dad's company, and is actually microsoft certified in internet security lol

Anyway, my friend is going to set up a website (nothing too major, he's done sites before) and I'm gonna do some photoshop work for a logo, etc. Besides spreading word and posting on craigslist, does anyone have any advice to spread popularity/get known? Any sites/forums like craigs?

Any ideas? Unfortunately our school doesn't have any bulletin where we can post an ad :{

Any help appreciated =o