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xDanielWang's Mobafire Blog

29 Sep
Seeing my guide consta-fragged is really pretty disheartening. I know people are working on it, and I thank them for their work. I just really hope that it gets fixed soon. It's one of my biggest achievements and took a lot of work getting my Ahri guide to reach #1 on the entire site for a time, and seeing it replaced by the stupid Tristana pic is really nerve-wracking. And although it's very unrealistic, I can't shake the dreaded sensation of my guide perhaps getting wiped completely somehow. I just wanna reach 5M views :\

Enjoy this graph depicting my guide's downtime....
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01 Apr
So as far as I can tell, I just created the first URF guide in the world! Wooohoooo!!! xDanielWang: Setting world records one at a time!*
*cue maniacal laughter

Anyways, I tried out the ULTRA RAPID FIRE mode that Riot released today, and it is fantastic. Never had so much fun in a League game before. Spamming Lux ults is simply too fun. Thank you Riot for making our dreams into reality <3

The guide...
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18 Feb
Hooray managed to get back into Gold after being placed in Silver 1!

Man, maybe I just suck at Mid now, but I think jungling makes winning so much easier. 10 out of my last 15 games were jungling and 3 were Morgana support (easy to play and effective in any comp) and I've pretty much won all of them. It's basically queue up, pick Vi if she's open, pick Jarvan if she's not, pick Morg support if I can't jungle, then win game. I'm getting scores in ranked that I haven't gotten in a long, long time (5 KDA on Vi, 4 on J4). Hopefully this crazy win streak will continue...
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24 Jan
Hooray, Season 4 is here!

Season 3 was pretty fun. Started in Silver 4 and climbed up to Gold 2 which ultimately led me to going 5-5 and being placed in Silver 1 for S4. I'm not mad about being bumped down to Silver, since I should be able to climb out of it if I'm truly better than that. However, it seems like Silver 1 is like the same level as old Gold 3/4 ish and it's actually kinda hard.
Before, I always thought of divisions and leagues as a set level for your skill, so I was pretty happy that I went up 6 divisions last season. However, stagnating at Silver 1 now made me realize...
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03 Nov
Wooohooo! 2 Million views on FOXFIRe AHRI HERE SKT AHRI WHERe! Thank you to everyone who's supported the guide through upvotes or views! Since it'd be lame to make a blog with 2 sentences, I shall use this opportunity to just say whatevers on my mind since this is a blog after all.

Guide name change: Yeah, I decided to re-name my guide. It's kinda sad to see me finally change the name that began it all. But FOXFIRe AHRI WHERE was a joke so long ago that I'm positive 99% of the people seeing my guide have no clue on what it means. I read that an SKT Ahri skin was hinted at and...
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