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Riven, Nocturne, Cassiopeia
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heysa mobafire.
im 21 years old and live in Denmark, i have a lv.30 main, a lv.18, lv.13 and lv.8 smurfs (which i use to practice with a champion, before purchasing on my main).

I just finished what they call 'College', am already an educated web-integrator, and are now taking another education to make it all become reality.. or whatever.

I might be online, i might not, depends on what account im on atm. I dont play ranked games at all, as my self esteem is rather low, and im still building it up. I play like a pro; smartcast, timers, know-my-way-around, beats my 1500 ELO friends in dominion, 5v5/3v3 normal/custom.

right now i own 52/109 champions,