So... it was my second day of driving to school, and I was a bit later arriving than I should be.

I was on the road that my school is on, trying to find a place to park, but there were so many cars everywhere already parked.

I found this small gap that was leftover behind another car, so I thought "Oh, this'll do" and I park it there as best I can. I check how it was, and turns out the back end of my car stuck out infront of someone's driveway. I shrugged it off due to being lazy and thought it would be ok.

On my way back to the car after school, turns out it was gone. So I told my Dad about it, and he would come pick me up. Not long before he arrived a man came out onto the sidewalk and asked me if I'm looking for a car, I replied yes, and he told me that it had been towed away since it was obstructing the driveway. @-@

I told my Dad about it and we went to where the car had "apparently" been taken to, but wasn't there. We checked another towing place nearby and still nothing.

We decided to just report it stolen to the Police, and they immediately told us where it had been put at. Went there this morning to go and collect it, needing to pay almost $100 to get it back, told me I was lucky which I was, since it's usually a fine of up to $300.

I've definitely learned my lesson about making sure I have parked in a safe place and that is isn't blocking anything xD

At least it wasn't stolen lol, I just so happened to have left my wallet in the car too. ><