I fell by 70 elo from 2 games, 1 of them being my fault due to playing a bad Ezreal. This scared me a little bit.

So I am seriously making sure I get more practice with my roles and champions so I am prepared for the nightmare that is ranked. (I really didn't look happy in my last stream xD sorry about that).

Champions mastered:

Gangplank - Exclusive Solo Top *brofist*
Jarvan IV - Main Jungler

Champions well played:

Lee Sin - Situational Jungler Anti-Stealth GG
Karthus - Main AP
Kennen - 2nd AP
Mordekaiser - Situational AP
Corki - Main carry

Champions I need to spend more time with:

Jax - 2nd Jungler (TBC)
Taric - Main support
Nunu & Willump - Situational Support
Sona - Situational Support
Ezreal - 2nd carry
Sivir - Situational carry to counter short range combos. e.g. Graves, Taric.

Basically this shows who I do exceptional with, and what I need to work on.

Happy playing ^^~