Balrox Says Hi made this comment a few hours ago when he re-published his guide:

I AM NO LONGER MAINTAINING THIS GUIDE! THIS WAS WRITTEN IN JULY OF 2011 WHEN GANGPLANK WAS MUCH MORE VIABLE. FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT DIFFERENT GUIDES. ALTHOUGH BASHING MY GUIDE AND BUILD IN THE COMMENTS, I WILL STILL RECOMMEND Xeronn's GUIDE. Another VERY promising guide is Fulundry's. Both of them look like decent guides. Feel free to continue using my build, and to those who say this build is like a pile of feces, well I don't really care because this is the first time I have looked at this in half a year. Good luck summoners.

I'm not expecting to see Fulundry's guide updated at this rate, so that would mean.. my guide will be the last one standing.