Hello everyone!
Well I stopped playing LoL a few months ago because I got a Dota 2-Key. But after some games I realized: Everything Blizzard is doing right now is importing the old DotA Heroes. There is like no balance. Some Heroes are close to useless and some are too damn OP. Best example: Ursa. Holy ****, bro!
Anyway I switched back to LoL pretty fast and oh my gosh!
Those games aren't compareable. Everyone who says "LoL is better than DotA because blablabla" or "DotA is better than LoL because blablabla" is a ******** fool. The gameplay isn't even close to be the same.

Plus on my first game in LoL after some time I noticed how much I missed it.
So I've chosen Leauge of Legends. It's just better because - haha, I nearly got you! But then I looked at my ELO. It was around 970. Which is bad. Then I remembered how bad some randoms (I like to call unknown players randoms, dont know why. Maybe because they're random in everything what they do/are...) are.

Anyway I'll be playing regulary now, just wanted to share my thoughts. Gotta go and learn physics as well as chemistry.