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Xiron's Mobafire Blog - Tag: AndroidPron

11 Feb
... hello.
I'm kinda bored right now and I think I'm going to wirte something. I have no idea what I'll be writing about, so watch out!

On second thought, I actually do know what I'm gonna write about. Faschenacht.
While this might be something you dont know, since it's a German thing. Well I dont know if Americans or Britains celebrate it but it's kinda comparable to Halloween, I guess. Without the "trick or treat"-ing, though.
Well in my homecity, Buchen, everyone loves Faschenacht. Or Fasching. Or Karnevall. They dress up in all sorts of crazy stuff and get drunk...
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17 Jun

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Hello everyone!
Well I stopped playing LoL a few months ago because I got a Dota 2-Key. But after some games I realized: Everything Blizzard is doing right now is importing the old DotA Heroes. There is like no balance. Some Heroes are close to useless and some are too damn OP. Best example: Ursa. Holy ****, bro!
Anyway I switched back to LoL pretty fast and oh my gosh!
Those games aren't compareable. Everyone who says "LoL is better than DotA because blablabla" or "DotA is better than LoL because blablabla" is a ******** fool. The gameplay isn't even close to...
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