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Well, where do i start? Oh yes, from the start. Wait, this isn't Facebook, with that bloody timeline of theirs.

I'm a Norwegian gamer that go by the name of Espen, also known as Yakamaru, and will be called Yakamaru for years to come. I usually am found playing League of Legends, working or watching any Anime i come across that looks interesting. I am also a big fan of My Little Pony. Yes. I like My Little Pony. Which makes me a Brony. "Got that, bro?" - Brolaf

I also got a good collection of Manga that i sometimes read. I always read on longer trips though, when taking the bus for an hour or the train, for that matter.

Oh, and Hentai and porn. Yeah, those two. No, not that weird and kinky tentacle ****. The more normal stuff. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl and boy make love, etc. Oh, and throw in a threesome and my day is complete. ^^

Apart from that, i tend to play a lot of games, and play around with my cats, Sergeant Solan and Applejack. Those two cats are both awesome and annoying at the same time. It's like with ice cream. You eat too fast, your brain freezes. You shake it off, and eat some more. Annoying, isn't it?

Anyways.. Cheers, fellow gamers. Go forth, chew bubble gum and kick some ***.