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yehosera's Mobafire Blog

05 Sep

Views: 1428 06/09

Sup gaiz!

Been a while so I thought I'd make a blog.

1. Dunno how many of you keep up with Yu-Gi-Oh, but the new format's pretty awesome so far (except darkworld...why was Grapha not his in the new banlist) so much variation it's awesome! Been using a synchron deck with the destiny draw engine pretty nice to play but I think what annoys me most is the errata they did to Envoy that thing can be revived now! Colossal Fighter now op xD

2. Been playing a lot of Starcraft 2, 4 v 4 is like hilarious for each race there's sterio types people fall into so like for zerg theres the mutalisk...
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27 Aug

Views: 641 27/08

MLG was really entertaining! So sad MKP nor Crank nor Violet won the sc2 but meh Leenock did really well to climb from the open bracket to win. Also the LoL ARAM in the finals xD amazing!
In other news another another attempted ELO climb follow here :
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24 Aug

Views: 552 MLG

Well MLG is about to start. I've got myself settled in for a night of SC2 LoL and Fighters games, your favourites for each event are?
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