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Yururu Well (Unverified)
Cho'Gath, Shen, Volibear
Tank, Support, Jungler


Started playing last year, on NA. As a noob player in a quite Brazilian-unfriendly server, I had to go my own way entirely to learn how to play. The first steps learned in the bots weren't (obviously, as I presumed later) enough for a significant amount of wins in real matches. Knowing quite enough of English (vocabulary, expressions), and with a lot of curiosity, patience (as I said, people in NA generally are not exactly that friendly), Youtube reviews and LOL Replay (a damn nice program to improve your skills if you ask me), I slowly grew better.

Leaving my level 27 account in the NA (it still exists... But I don't use it. Too lazy to update everything again just because it's in a different server), I came to play in my motherland (HUEHUEHUEHEU) server as it had just opened. Going quite smoothly to the top (new servers are full of people that are still being introduced to the game. It's not that the BR server is filled with Hue's - but I'm not neglecting their existence either), even without playing that much (around 3 matches/week), I got to level 30 in about half a year. (That was in the middle of July, 2013).

Now, I'm searching for a team to play ranked (actually, waiting for some friends of mine that I play with to reach 30), while I follow the Brazilian LOL Championship's end, with PaIN Gaming going for the World Championship once again.

Don't feed Kami.

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