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Zedera (Unverified)
Riven, Malphite, Shyvana
Melee DPS, Tank, Caster DPS


Hey all. I'm a Riven fanatic, a Dominion freak, and an unconfirmed cynic. I don't like releasing guides until I'm certain they're as good as they can get (hence why I haven't released man) but when I do, I usually pray some other cynic doesn't come along to bash my piece of work. Usually, people like me aren't very lucky.

I like playing LoL, hanging out in clan forums, and eating cookies. Yes, I like cookies. If you have any cookies, you probably won't have them any more the next time you look for them. They'll be in my belly...unless my friends managed to steal them before I did.

Yes, I have friends. And they're watching you. So be careful who you downvote...nah. I'm not going to threaten you like that. Or am I?
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