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I Suck. :D

But, i'm an active player from the North American server who plays Mid lane. If you'd like to add me in-game, go ahead! My IGN is "Zempi". I often Solo Queue and play normals at times for practicing, but i just recently started playing ranked so i'm not that high up yet. Currently playing in the bronze division; trying to make my way up. If you some how happen to come across me in-game don't be afraid to say sup, and kill me a few times because i suck. On mobafire, i enjoy making guides on champions i feel like i'm good at, some trolly/fun build guides and just reading everyone elses guides/reviewing them. I really love reading feedback on my guides, so please leave some and i'll often reply to positive feedback and look over any mistakes/pointers that anyone leaves. If you leave flat-out negative feedback, don't expect much of a reply. Thanks bros, and enjoy your time on Mobafire! (this sites the bomb)

My homie champs, in order of favorite to least.