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ZergoV (Unverified)
LeBlanc, Ashe, Soraka
Caster DPS, Ranged DPS, Support


Hi my name is jonathan "ZergoV" Lalande . Im a north american DOTA 2 and League of Legends player. I rage a lot and i love to argue. I used to be a "pro" gamer of Guitar hero 3 to 5 (top 150 Xbox 360 Leaderboard) and a former member of the clan "Ruby Danger".

I then switch to play Starcraft 2 and here i am playing DOTA 2 and Lol. I think im a funny dude honestly and i would consider myself as an "attention *****". I would also add that im a french canadian so my english is like "C" minus.

If you want to know more about me join my stream at : (i stream often so hope to meet you there !)

Thanks and have a good day !