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I started playing LoL in the summer/fall of 2009, and it was pretty snazzy. I started jumping from champion to champion, never knowing how to play them or build them. I eventually became familiar enough with the item system that I would be able to formulate ideas for builds, but I never quite got it down for a while. I eventually stumbled upon MOBAFire and LeagueCraft and liked what they were doing, helping new and old players alike in a common goal to teach one another things abut the game that may not have been known. I started learning new things about the game that I never knew before, such as formulas for armor and great strategies and builds. Eventually, I made my own guide on how to play Ezreal, which ended up being a bigger deal then I thought it would.

Alas, it took it about 3 months for it to get noticed, but it got overshadowed by other builds that came after it. Hopefully my work will be appreciated.