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Poppy Build Guide by bee to the ryan

1 woman army

1 woman army

Updated on August 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author bee to the ryan Build Guide By bee to the ryan 4,701 Views 6 Comments
4,701 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author bee to the ryan Poppy Build Guide By bee to the ryan Updated on August 19, 2011
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Safe to say, this is an extremely durable character capable of so much life steal, that she is unstoppable in 1v1, and will wreck teams with her ultimate in team fights. With this build I have successfully 1v5'ed an enemy team and walk out with all my health due to this build.
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I get all attack speed runes, aside from 3 movement quintessences. This helps synergize with the movement mastery and the paragon you get early on. Late game you can farm like no tomorrow and still do insane amounts of damage with good movement.
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The masteries I chose help with utility well because you can flash often, and the 9 in offence helps because of your devastating blow.
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I rush my beserkers and 2 zeals so it helps a lot with farming, and because I rank up my heroic charge very high, I don't have to worry about mana until I get my devastating blow at level 13. By the time you reach level 13, you should have enough for everything up to a sheen. At the very end of the build you can notice that you have 7 items, but instead you sell your beserkers' greaves, this is because of the trinity force, phantom dancer, movement quints and masteries, and your paragon movement speed is so high, you don't have to worry about speed that much on top of the phage slow proc. I must warn you, this build is not cheap!
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is meant for defensive use in 3's, but can work well in 5's if you play right. You use your paragon at very high level early on because it works well with the attack speed items you rush early on, so you get an early farming advantage. By the time you hit 13, you should have enough for sheen, so your devastating blow runs more off the damage boost from paragon and sheen more than your actual devastating blow rank.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is extremely useful on poppy for laning. It helps excape ganks, place a good charge, and flash towards someone like tryndamere who can pass through walls. Ignite goes great with your diplomatic immunity because ignite will do boosted damage to the target.
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Pros / Cons

This is a terrible laner against tankier people who can zone you out well, but for mages in games like 3's or if they like to hide in bushes on 5's, ranking the charge is nice because you don't even have to hit them with a normal attack after... Which sometimes won't even attract minion aggro. The good on the other hand, is that your devastating blow combined with trinity, diplomatic immunity, damage boost from bloodthirsters, infinity edge, and paragon is just overwhelming. With a good initiater, this character can effectively kill anything squishy, and then very quickly wear down a tanky champion. The bad, is that she suffers many consequences fighting people with strong dots early game, such as teemo mushrooms and garen spin. Later on you'll simply fully heal in 3 crits on minions, and sometimes heal for more health than champions such as even Warwick can dish out. This character can even sometimes 1v5 an entire enemy team, such as I have done a few times. Your Hammer in the best scenario can do more than 2k damage in one hit, and then you have around a 70% chance to crit for over 1k.
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Team Work

Go with a support character in a 5, such as sona or soraka. They will help you play super offensively and face minimal penalties for charging into the enemy. Help them with blue buff for a very fun laning experience.
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Creeping / Jungling

Don't do it, it's just bad. I've tried jungling as poppy before, but without different runes and item buildup, you just can't... Maybe with a Nidalee soling the duo lane healing you often at lizard, but otherwise no.
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Focus on this and maybe harassing an enemy with charge. If you play a 3, go solo and focus on charging from the bush to get them into the wall, avoid things such as Brand's pillar. But usually the enemy that solos is very squishy, you can even keep a warwick from farming well. With characters such as Tryndamere, it's tricky; you have to farm, and either charge from the bush, stun him and run back to the bush and continue to harass, or just farm near a wall and as soon as he spins to you to attack, charge him into a wall and get back; the minions will do the rest.

For 5's don't solo, and do your best to lane with support, this character is terrible at open areas for earlier parts of the game.
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So in all, this is the very best build I have come up with, and has successfully carried countless games. The damage on her is actually 120 points higher, due to the damage boost from the three bloodthirsters, and the lifesteal is 30% higher as well due to the three bloodthirsters. You can either initiate using your ult, attacking them from the side or behind, or you can have an ACTUAL initiation such as Amumu, where you can ransack their entire team before you need to ult, then kill every squishy, ult the enemy tank and watch his jaw drop as you 3-shot a fully stacked chogath. This character's role is simply kill everything, it's the jack of all trades, she does attack damage, lifesteal, magic damage, speed, she can backdoor towers, and even sit behind the enemies' nexus to try to lure them into their death haha. If you finish this build and say you can't kill Tryndamere, you just aren't doing it right, either ult someone else, save your charge for when he ults, then charge him into a wall and kite him until his ult runs out, or just kill everyone else. This build worked for me in several ranked games, and it should work for you as long as you follow the guide, have competent teammates, and don't screw up your ult in a teamfight.
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