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Warwick Build Guide by siavash119

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League of Legends Build Guide Author siavash119

10/10 wins Warwick np

siavash119 Last updated on October 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey all, I played ww leveling up to 30 and he continues to be one of my favorite champs. He is incredibly powerful and can really ruin not only the enemy jungler's day but the entire enemy team's. His sustain is unparalleled and I usually end up buying my items whole whenever I feel like backing. I've tried many builds/setups from stacking BTs to tank/CDR until finally arriving at this one balancing damage and survivability. WW ****ing destroys.

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I used to run armor penetration quints and marks because I thought it was baller to start with 25 armor pen, but most of your dmg is magic (hungering strike (q) and infinite duress (r)) so you really don't make the most of it. I also used to get AS glyphs and boy that was stupid. You barely get anything out of them!

Now instead I run MS quints. You are a jungler with built in sustain. You will be running around the entire map the whole game. These quints speed up everything and will allow you to succeed in those early level ganks. The AS marks significantly help you in the first jungle rounds and throughout the game as you rely on on-hit effects. Standard armor seals and the MR/level glyphs are really the best options there. I wouldn't recommend health because then you will be lacking in MR until you get abyssal/FoN or if you switch out sorc's for merc's and/or malady for wit's end. IMO 24 MR > 90 HP and we get HP from the masteries anyway. CDR glyphs are also an option, but you can just buy an elixir if you really want 10% extra CDR for a battle. Discussion on switching out items is saved for the items section.

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Credit goes to DEWO for the essentials of this mastery setup. Here we get Magic pen to strengthen your q and r, health for a little more beefiness, and the buff extender because you are jungler. By far my favorite mastery here though is demolitioner giving you 10 extra damage to turrets. This is HUGE. If you get a successful gank or the enemy returns to base for a second and your minions are pushed, the tower is gone. So easy. The smite and flash masteries you should also get, and the extra MS and mana helps out too.

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These items give you huge damage, great survivability, and really help out any AP champs on your team. I start boots and three HP pots because ww can easily go through the jungle with just this, and the boots will help those early level ganks. On your first back you want to get madred's and maybe some wards. Get sorc boots next to give you so much more damage when you hit six and start ulting. Get a dagger after sorc's, then a phage. Finish your malady, then frozen mallet and bloodrazor.

This is where my build recently drastically changed for the better. I used to get hextech gunblade next because I figured I could use all of it, but as a ww, you really don't need more lifesteal or spellvamp, now you need the HP. I used to get a warmog's instead of gunblade and I usually end up stacking it after one team fight, but I was then lacking utility past my ult and Hunter's Call (w). Frozen mallet is really the way to go. No one will be able to escape you with your high attack speed and especially once your (e) procs.

I also used to end with a GA and just suicide the enemy, but my entire team would usually die before I got back up... Now I get either Abysall or Frozen Heart depending on team compositions then finish off with the other. Now I never die! The Abyssal gives you a total magic pen of 10% + 64 which if you ult someone and the AP champ on your team follows up, they enemy is dead...Really dead. I will get the armor/shroud and/or the negatron early if I need it.

I enjoyed the 700 dmg and fat healing hungering strikes with hextech and wotas and following up with the lifesteal hextech and BT gives, but if I got burst down, none of that was useful. Now with HP, MR, and armor, and utility on top of the HUGE dmg you already get from malady, bloodrazor, and your ult, you are now an unkillable killing machine.

Alternative to sorc's are merc's for CC heavy teams or tabi's for those ADs. Alternative to Malady is Wit's end if you need the extra MR. Alternatives to Abysall are Banshee's Veil for stuns or FoN for more MR and MS. Also a Randuin's on top of the FH is good if the enemy AD is really powerful. Really though the only thing I would substitute is getting the Randuin's and just ult the enemy AP.

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Skill Sequence

Leveling is pretty up to your discretion. Start with w - > q for the jungle. I then usually level e twice for that level 4 gank to be successful. Go q again to make the jungle a little easier, then r. w usually for level 7 because it makes dragon easier. You can solo dragon pretty easily level 7 with a madred's and one buff. Then you can do wolves or wraiths, get back to near full HP, then gank again. In summary of the usual case (w -> q -> e -> e -> q -> r -> w). After that decide whether you need more burst dmg/sustain (q), more DPS (w), or more chase/escape (e) and level accordingly.

For ganks, ideally you want to auto attack some, q, r, q, w and start again auto attacking, but ult first if you want to lock them in place faster. Use w early in team fights and some ganks but make sure the fight is actually starting. Flash r someone to jump and burst them down with your team. If enemy has flash, WAIT FOR THEM TO FLASH BEFORE ULTING. You can jump a flash easier than you can run after a flasher. Also care not to get stunned; your ult is useless if you get stunned, and you can get stunned as you are jumping (TF yellow card at same time as you ult TF). And if an enemy is tower diving, ult them under tower once they start taking aggro or as the last creep dies, and they will be stuck... and dead.

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Summoner Spells

You should get smite because you are a jungler. WW can jungle without smite, but smite allows you to secure/steal buffs and objectives much easier. I usually try to save smite only for the buffs/objectives, and will only use it on regular creeps if there is nothing else to go for. I get heal or exhaust if I am going solo top, but this isn't a solo top guide.

Flash is really the best choice as well. Since you will be in the jungle so much, there is more opportunity to flash over walls to safety. Also you can jump very far and surprise an enemy if you flash and ult. Or you can ult in to start damage and focus, then flash out if you are taking too much damage.

You don't need ghost because you have blood scent (e) and MS quints and some masteries and eventually a frozen mallet. You shouldn't get exhaust or heal because you need a better escape. Don't substitute smite or flash IMO. I'm starting to like ghost more on all my champs, but I still get flash on WW. If you really like ghost though, go for it.

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WW counter jungles so hard because of his awesome sustain. He basically is always safe and never has to back. I get boots and pots and usually start at the enemy jungler's opposite camp (he starts his blue, I start his red and vice versa), asking my mid and top/bottom (closest to camp) to come and taking all but one wraith or wolf first then the buff. Then I continue through my jungle. If we are spotted and I suspect the enemy to group, I quickly switch over to the opposite camp (I was going to steal red, but now I'm going to steal blue), but most times even if you are spotted, the enemies are too afraid to do anything and you have smite to steal the buff and get the hell out of there. If you are spotted ask your team to help you get the buff; don't worry about experience.

I continue through my jungle always looking at all the lanes checking for gank opportunities, but usually wait until level 4 before really going for one. However, because you stole the enemy jungler's buff, they finish their jungle faster and are usually very mad and foolishly try to gank. You should be close by, double buffed, and a level above their jungler when he does this. Counter gank and get first blood. Basically just keep an eye on the lanes close to the buff you stole.

Once you hit 6, look to gank again. As I said before at level 7 you can solo dragon with madred's and one buff. I usually take my level 5/6 blue buff so I can ult as much as possible, then give the next ones away to my team.

Always look to counter jungle/counter gank. I have gone through the jungles getting all 4 buffs and dragon multiple rounds in a row: just be smart and be aware.

Finally if you have all the main items other than Abysall, you can solo baron keeping 100% HP.

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Team Fights

Make sure CCs aren't going to go on you and ult the carries or catch someone away from the team. Use w somewhere before or during the fight. The basic focus strategies hold during the team fight, however if you feel confident the high dmg enemies will die anyway, you might want to start focusing the tanks so they can provide less utility to the remaining enemies. This is more when you get your bloodrazor so you can provide your highest total damage in the fight. Mostly though and in summary, make sure you aren't going to get CC'd (LIKE SILENCES - your ult is a channeled suppression), and ult the high priority target.

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I hope you like the guide and the build/techniques described will help your WW and jungling gameplay. He is a pretty simple champion, but it can be easy to get carried away and play stupidly. Go balls deep but know your bounds.

Good luck, have fun!