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Nocturne Build Guide by deprimere

Middle 10.9 Nocturne Midlane Build - Patch 10.9 / Season 2020

By deprimere | Updated on April 29, 2020
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AsarWeth (2) | April 20, 2020 3:18pm
I really don`t like going Dark harvest mid, i think is wasted potential on Nocturne, also why do you choose to go for statik after your main Lethality? And Cull is really not worth for any case right now, i would only build if im behind early or i got early ganked, and i was low on money, but even then i would prefer building some longswords or Dorans Blade.

About the mid Matchups, Nocturne wins pretty hard against Fizz and Katarina but i agree with the Le Blanc though, its a pretty tough lane.
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Nocturne Guide
10.9 Nocturne Midlane Build - Patch 10.9 / Season 2020
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