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Master Yi Build Guide by Scooltefan

Jungle [11.20] 3 Builds + Guide for Free LP! (Updated)

Jungle [11.20] 3 Builds + Guide for Free LP! (Updated)

Updated on October 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scooltefan Build Guide By Scooltefan 310 18 533,462 Views 4 Comments
310 18 533,462 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Scooltefan Master Yi Build Guide By Scooltefan Updated on October 13, 2021
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MaVi03 | August 6, 2021 11:47am
FlyingWailord (8) | November 13, 2019 8:02pm
Really good guide! However, I think you should go more in-depth on how to play master yi. Like how to use his abilities, or explain why the items are good on him. Also, what do you think of the season 10 changes? Do you think they would affect him hard?
Scooltefan | November 22, 2019 3:30am
Hey! I wanted to follow up on my previous comment. I have tested out some builds and Runes and found Conqueror + Bloodrazor, Sanguine, Guinsoos, Deaths Dance to be really powerful.
You always prefer high Attack Speed on Yi, but he sometimes lacks the Damage to deal with Bruisers or Tanks. That´s why Conqueror, Sanguine Blade and Deaths Dance are really good options. They provide a lot of AD to shred people fast and Deaths Dance and Sanguine give you Sustain, too.

Regarding the new season 10 changes, i am really looking forward to playing more of it. I really enjoy the Jungle changes (Dragon and Rift herald) because i am a very Objective-based Jungler.
As Master Yi you can take most objectives really fast and solo if needed and the new changes also reward good junglers and their teams heavily, which i enjoy.
It might seem obvious to go for a lot of Kills and try to gank every opportunity you get as Master Yi, but i am always certain that i can carry any late game as long as i have a good setup, even if my team feeds uncontrollably. At some point it just doesn´t matter. The most consistent way to win is to not trust your team but yourself and go for every Dragon, Herald and Nash possible. Pick your winning fights and play for the Mid- to Late Game. Yi excels later in the game and as long as you are not behind (farmed ok, got some drakes and maybe a nash) and have a good build (attack speed, ad, sustain, maybe guardian angel or qss), you can play it smart and capitalize on mispositioned opponents in teamfights, as well as pick off anyone 1v1. If you have problems in the early or mid game, try to stall the game and get some gold, maybe steal some dragons when the enemy team rotated the other way around the map. I will happily let 3 people die in a teamfight they couldn`t win if i can get a dragon for it, especially in the new meta.
You can turn around any game if you play it safe enough and capitalize on mistakes.
Furthermore, if you get an early lead, Yi can be really hard to deal with. In that case, focus on building AD and shutting down the most dangerous opponents. Possibly go for dives (you can dodge tower dmg and aggro with your Q and reduce tower shot dmg with a quick W tap.

I hope i could help, feel free to ask many more questions. Greetings and have nice day!
Scooltefan | November 21, 2019 5:38am
Hello FlyingWailord, thanks for the comment! I am currently testing the Season 10 changes and will update the Guide as soon as I am sure of good, new and consistent Builds. So far i´ve been enjoying the Jungle changes of Season 10 but still need to play a few more days to assure you guys get a good overview and reliable Build options.
I will also look into adding more about Yi´s kit and how to use it, but I´ve written quite a lot about when and how to use his abilities on the bottom of the guide and added notes to all the Items you can read.
Regarding your last question i will still have a lot of testing to do, but the preseason has only been out for like 2 days, so let me test it out for a bit and keep you updated :)
Greetings and thanks for the constructive criticism and questions!
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