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Soraka Build Guide by Actioner

Support [14.12] Soraka Support In Action⚡️

Support [14.12] Soraka Support In Action⚡️

Updated on June 14, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner Build Guide By Actioner 23 0 6,479 Views 0 Comments
23 0 6,479 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner Soraka Build Guide By Actioner Updated on June 14, 2024
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Hello! Actioner here. I'm here to teach you the fundamentals for the Support role. I will surely try my best. So I've been playing League of Legends since late Season 3. I've been always a Main Support and I'm more than happy to share this passion and knowledge with you. I'm currently a high Master player with highest ever reached: Challenger Top 40(EUNE) and Master(EUW). I don't main a specific champion on Support, I can play 20+ support champs, so I always adapt to meta and what works best for me during that time. My secondary role is Mid-lane with a pretty small champion pool.

Feel free to join Action Squad and follow my journey!



Soraka stands out as the premier healing support in the game! If you find joy in providing healing and support in the traditional 'MMORPG' fashion, then Soraka is the champion for you. Beyond her impressive healing capabilities, she boasts unique crowd control spells and early-game damage. What's not to love!?

+ Abundant Healing Abilities
+ Aggressive potential during laning phase
+ Easy to understand
+ Global Ultimate

- Lack of Movement speed
- Relatively Squishy
- Hard countered by Grevious Wounds
- Hard time if miss skillshots
  • Deals poking damage in the early game and gives extra healing when you heal teammates. Recommended minor runes:
  • Helps negate running out of mana in laning phase. It pumps you up with extra 250 to your maximum mana and extra mana regen after you reach that threshold. Definitely an important rune as you don't want to run out of mana due to poking in lan.
  • Ability Haste is really important on Soraka! Boosts your Ability Haste as the game goes on and while increasing in champion levels.
  • Gets stronger as the game gets longer, improving Soraka's late game even more. If you want a bit of an advantage early on, try Scorch instead but it wears off in late game/teamfights.

  • Reduces damage taken during trades, especially in the early game.
    Second Wind is good against poke-heavy bot lanes.[/b]
  • Boosts your healing and shields when you and your allies are low on HP. It's small, but Summon Aery benefits from this shield, and Redemption works with it too. Using Barrier when low will also boost its shield.
  • Ability Haste shard is the most important one for Soraka especially for late game use. Pick Adaptive Force to help you with you early game pressure and Health based on level which is also stronger in later game compare to the non scaling one.

  • Heal proves effective, especially when paired with Revitalize, offering increased healing when you or your ally is low on health. Alternatively, consider Exhaust or Barrier based on factors such as whether your ADC already has Heal and is unwilling to switch, or if there's a specific assassin threat you are worried about.
  • Your only escape tool pretty much.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You shall start Q on Soraka during laning phase to apply pressure for level 2 advantage. Normally you shall get 3 levels on Q to help you sustain through the lane and to apply some damage back to enemy. You don't want to let your ADC be the only one doing the damage! After that you will find yourself maxing W as it's more important for core game, teamfights and early roam skirmishes. Lastly you want to Max E as it's the 2nd most important spell after your W and then finish your Q ( you will hardly ever reach at this level in the game).

Salvation (Passive):
Gives you a HUGE speed boost when going towards low-health allies.

Starcall (Q): Soraka's main ability in the early game. Deals a good amount of damage and landing it on an enemy gives you a healing buff called 'Rejuvenation' that heals you over time.

Besides the damage, it also slows and speeds you up. It only gives one healing buff even if you hit many targets at once. If you cast it close, the projectile is faster.

This move also connects with Astral Infusion. If you have the 'Rejuvenation' buff, you can pass it to your ally by healing them.

Astral Infusion (W):
This is Soraka's specialty. She has amazing heals, but she use her own health. You can't kill yourself with this skill. It's recommended not to invest too many points in it early, but you should still max it by level 10. This way, you can balance it with Starcall for effective trade.

Equinox (E):
This is a special 2-part crowd control move. First, it silences, and if people stay in the 'void zone' when it ends, they get rooted. it can interrupt channeling abilities, like Jhin, Lucian, Xerath, Kata ult. If you put it between you and a chasing enemy, it can be a good tool to root them as they need to go around the circle. Against a hard-engage, don't bother silencing if they've already used their skills. Try silencing someone else to stop the follow-up more like zoning out ability.

Wish (R):
A heal that works global, and its strength grows based on your allied champions' health. You can use it to heal people in stasis, like those using Stopwatch or caught in Bard's Ult.


Early on, be aggressive with Starcall it deals a lot of damage and helps you heal from any pokes. Use it whenever it's off cooldown.

Hold off on using Astral Infusion unless you have the Starcall buff 'Rejuvenation' to heal your ally more.

Equinox is okay for poking early. If you sense a potential gank, save it to block their escape route. Place it between you and the enemy, forcing them to run through it and risk getting rooted when the duration ends.

At level 6, Wish can save a distant ally. Wait until they're below 40% HP for a stronger heal through the ability passive and Revitalize.

Wish can remove grievous wound debuff, but if used on Ignited targets, the damage still persists after the wound is removed.

Sometimes, not healing an ally below 40% HP near a turret can be beneficial. The increased movement speed when running to them can help you escape, unlike healing, which doesn't provide that speed boost from Salvation.


Make sure Equinox is ready to disrupt assassins or tanks, preventing them from escaping or using crowd control. It's great if you can overlap it on an already stunned or rooted target.

Avoid being too greedy with Wish. Sometimes it's better to heal at 50-60% rather than aiming for the bonus at 40%.

Landing Starcall is your last priority. If you can get one off to get the buff and keep healing allies with Astral Infusion, that's the ideal scenario.

Be cautious about your own health, remembering that Astral Infusion also costs your health.

I hope you found this guide helpful! Make sure to drop a Vote, comment and reputation! For more content check my Twitch, Discord and the rest of my social at the start of the Guide! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner
Actioner Soraka Guide
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[14.12] Soraka Support In Action⚡️

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