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League of Legends Build Guide Author RIVEEE


RIVEEE Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Sup this is my guide for gp, it works nice even though it’s a bit different from most other guides you will see on gp. If you look on other guides you will see that they are very similar to each other, everyone has the same items. That is why I wanted to do this guide.

This is how i would play GP

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Greater: Mark of desolation Seal of Furor Glyph of Alacrity Quintessence of Desolation Quintessence of Furor

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When I’m laning with GP I allways buy this first.

Sapphire crystal and two Health potion

I buy Sapphire Crystal for the extra mana (200 mana) in the beginning so I can use my Q ability (parley) to farm and harass enemy champions. Then I buy 2 Health Potions so I can last longer in lane. I know that I have my W ability (Remove Scurvy) that heals but it’s a big waste of mana in early game.

When you go base you buy Sheen

I buy Sheen for the passive and it is for the Trinity Force later. Sheen passive gives your Q ability (parley) a massive bonus in damage (ure next physical attack deals 100 % extra base damage) plus you get 250 mana (50 mana more). The Health potions are really important for GP to survive with this guide you gona se me talking about the need of health potions threw out the guide.

When you gona choose shoes you gona buy

Ionian boots of lucidity

It is for the CDR. You can cast your Abillitys faster. Todelly awesome.

I would also recomend Mercurys Treads

I buy them if i play vs a team with lots of cc. The Tenacity make the cc alot more quiker then if you havent. I know i have my W ability (Remove Scurvy) for that but if it is cd on it then this help alot + you get magic resist.

The brutalizer

You get this for more CDR and the armor penetration. Every one have atlest 30 Armor so when you get The brutalizer you penetrate alot of the armor and make more damage. More and more Health potions it is good for you. I'm selling this later this is onley for the early advast.

WOW love this item.

Trinity Force

When you get this you can almost take down evrything on the battlefield. This is way i dont have Phantom dancer in my guide. You get the slow effekt frome Phage and the attack, crit and movments speed from Zeal and ofc Sheen you now what that do.

Infinity edge

Massive damage and crit no AD carry shouldent be with out it that's a fact.

Madreds Bloodrazor

Now we talking bonus up your passive attack. Making it stronger and you can take more damage becous of the Armor you get.

Vampiric scepter

Finnely you can stop buying health potions xD This is to get The Bloodthirster

Sword of the divine

The item with the highest attack speed. Making even more magical damage with your passive and get alot of armor penetration to. This is why i sell Brutalizer when i get this item.

The Bloodthirster

Big damage sweet life steal awesome last item.

Now if you get focus by the enemy team just do this simpel thing.

<- LE SWICH ->

Madreds bloodrazor sells for 2600 gold Gurdian Angel cost 2600 gold.

So if you get full items this is how it looks.