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Ahri Build Guide by umadibet

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author umadibet

1500+ Ranked Ahri, I Wumbo

umadibet Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ahri is one of the best farming heroes, high burst assassins, and extremely mobile. With a great amount of sustain and cc she makes herself one of the best ap heroes and is banned whenever I que ranked. If I get her it is a win.

I am not here to explain her (stupid lore, skills you can read in game etc.), Here is a build and a play style that suits me well.

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Standard caster, MP / Mp5 / Flat Ap ( ap per level probably superior but I like optimizing early), with flat Ap quints. Standard offensive masteries since wumbo is a necessity in wumbology.

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Laning/Itemization/Play Style

Solo mid or any solo she can't get out laned unless you can't land a skill shot. At lvl 5 I force any hero to sit on their tower and wait for me to push.

Max q, take a point here first with boots and 3 pots( sustain/mobility). Harass if given the opportunity if not farm, farm , farm. Next I get 1 point in e, her taunt, I keep it at 1 unless I am laning againt a real derp that doesn't dodge skill shots and well then go for it. For the most part, w ( foxfire) is sure dmg, I like to max it 2nd to give my combo more wumbo, you need more wumbo.

Your opponent should not be farming and when you trade you need to pay attention to your stacks on your passive. Spamming w when close to the enemy hero does not push your lane so when given the chance run up and do so, out of los of the minions so that ***** can't dodge your combo but I don't really care about E remember so stand behind and think of your qs line, think of hitting as many minions as possible and hey whatever they just did to you is halved early and completely negated with a fully stacked soul eater and that dern hextech.

Once your opponent is at 50% or so it's pretty much impossible not to kill them with your ult. If they have no disable play like a xin xhao and hit every button with your cursor over them ( I smart cast everything and I have a good feel for the range of my **** so should you). DO NOT MISS YOUR EQ other than that be a man. From your ult alone and ignite if you have it you just got fb.

First trip back to try to get a catalyst which should be no problem considering your free farm lane. Go into Roa, or if you get fed rush a hextech and control that blue buff and enjoy an instant clear minion wave from q w and go kill another lane.

I love cdr on her, I love being able to cast multiple combos during my ult, cdr is nice I have nothing else to say here but being able to cast more spells with some ap is much more dps than not being able to with a moderate amount.

When ganking I love to be aggressive and ahri rewards my nature. You run up to them ,say bot lane, intiate with 1 r eq the carry and press w and spam r and they should be dead. Ahri relies on that eq so much so don't miss skill shots or prepare to eat damage. Even if you miss, her ult on multiple targets will heal you quite well in this build.

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About That Enemy Jungle...

Ganks are no real threat to ahri especially after 6. You are still susceptible to being baited which I guess counts as a gank. Being positioned behind your minions and not spamming your e makes it a real ***** for many jungles. Shaco can still be a problem but you should expect that lvl 2 and buy a vision if he sits. For the most part your ranged taunt disables everyone else from udyr to noct. And, at 6 you spam it to dash if you are not comfortable in kiting. I love these situations and usually global the enemy jungle and chase after that ***** wanting help.

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I start with boots and a prospector. Always cap that mid and head top to pick off 1 or 2 kills. QWE, q with 1 additional point in your e since I feel comfortable with that duration of a taunt and slow, after max w. Since you won't be creeping that often I don't really like to spell vamp in dom so that is not in this build, roa- cdr ( dfg and/or morellos) dc and defensive from there. Unless you have multiple targets w mr magic pen isn't really necessary but you see 2 ppl get that voidstaff.

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Hopefully those of you that read this wish to study the art of wumbo, ahri will win that lane and 100-0 just about any carry.

I sound cocky and confident but really she is quite the hero and is well worth the investment and learning curve to go along with her.

If this sounds like your kind of play style then check out my Kassadin guide!