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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Titan3xt4

1v3 Warwick

Titan3xt4 Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Warwick Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys whats up. First off this build is aimed at your regular 3v3 player. And although it sounds crazy, im going to be setting you guys up to be able to 1v3 their team. Your gonna tell me its impossible but you wont believe how many times my two teammates die early in the team fight and i get the ace and triple kill all by myself!

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Your gonna want attack speed marks, mana regen seals, cdr glyphs, and flat health or move speed quints i use move speed but health will work just fine

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Start out with a dorans something and head to bot lane. i would suggest dorans blade or shield, prob blade. throw a hp pot on if u want. your first item is zerks. Whenever you have 920 gold port back to base and pick up your berserker boots. Next item is wriggles lantern. this is a very overlooked item your gonna have damage, armor, and lifesteal as well as a sight ward the whole game!!! (in my opinion, this is the most crucial item of the build) 3rd is madreds bloodrazor. no surprise here always gonna want this on ww. after that i would say just stack bloodthirsters. everyone wants to go attack speed warwick, just dont. hunters call, zerks and bloodrazor will be good enough and with all this attack damage, your lifesteal will give u about 200 hp back a hit.

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Summoner Spells

The cleanse and exhaust are just for someone playing 3v3. This will allow u to exhaust their biggest dps and cleanse any cc. These two spells are essential for a carry who will 1v3 end game. I Guarentee it!!!!

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1v3 strategy

Here is how its gonna go down in a 1v3. Your going to exhaust their biggest dps and go to work on their squishy. pop hunters call and by the time exhaust is up u should have the squishy dead. NOTE u have probaly used cleanse by now too. attack their dps and when u are low health ult the dps. SAVE YOUR ULT UNTIL YOU ARE LOW HEALTH!!!!! i cannot stress this enough everyone wants to lead off with ww ult. Your ult gives u amazing lifesteal so use it to get health back. Your ult will drop the dps and now all u need is q and basic for the third person because 1v1 is a breeze for warwick

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NEVERRRRR deny a 1v1

once u are 18 with these items, i guarentee u can 1v1 ANYONE!! even if they are higher health, if u have ult and even just one summoner spell up, engage them (remembering to save ult to get health back.)