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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by G1aD0S

2.5 AS + AP Kayle is superior to Pure/Burst AP Kayle and why

2.5 AS + AP Kayle is superior to Pure/Burst AP Kayle and why

Updated on October 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author G1aD0S Build Guide By G1aD0S 4 14 20,246 Views 36 Comments
4 14 20,246 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author G1aD0S Kayle Build Guide By G1aD0S Updated on October 22, 2013
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This one is for you, non-beliver.

FUN FACT: Late game, this Kayle build will deal more damage to 3 people with just her Autos than Fiddle's Ulti can to 5 people.

Fiddle ulti to 5 people:
3,250 (+450% AP) damage per 2 seconds

AS/AP Kayle Autos to 3 people (Assuming no crits):
9,300 (+3,900% AP) (+2,700% Total AD) damage per 2 seconds


Fiddle Ulti:
- 325 (+ 45% AP) per second
- 5 people x 2 seconds = 10
- 10 x 325 = 3,250
- 10 x 45% AP = 450% AP

Kayle base damages:
- Auto attack = AD (129) + (60) + (42) + (15) = 246 damage
- Runnan's Bolt base damage = (60) + 's splash damage (60) + (42) + (15) + (10) = 187 damage
- Runnan's Bolt x 2 = 374 damage
- Auto Attack (246) + Runnan base damage (374) = 620 damage
- 2.5 attack speed x 2 seconds x 3 people = 15
- 15 x 620 damage = 9,300

Kayle Ratios:
-Auto Attack = (40% AP) + (15% AP) + (5% AP) = 60% AP
-Runnan Bolt = (50% total AD) (40% AP) + 's splash (40% AP)(40% total AD) + (15% AP) + (5% AP) = 90% total AD + 100% AP
- Runnan Bolt x 2 = 180% total AD + 200% AP
- Runnan (180% total AD) (200% AP) + Auto attack (60% AP) = 180% total AD + 260% AP
- 2.5 attack speed x 2 seconds x 3 people = 15
- 15 x 180% total AD + 260% AP = 2,700% Total AD + 3,900% AP

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You guys dont do adc much do you guys...

Adcs go in AFTER the fight starts and stays back before then.
They usually arent supposed to poke.

Kayle's Q is 650 range
Kayle's E is 525 range
Kayle's E + Runnan's bolt is 900 range

I'd much rather hit a minion to extend my range for a much safer and softer poke than risk getting jumped on.

Plus, you have to get into 525 range to use your litchbane right?

On top of that you can't build tenacity or any movespeed reliably as AP Kayle.

In all seriousness, that tenacity and movespeed spikes up Kayle's survivability when the enemies have more than one CC. Being able to use your Ulti 0.5 seconds earlier can be the difference between life and death.
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"Kayle can't be ranged 100% of the time"

Kayle with 34% CDR has her ranged E up in 10 seconds out of 10.5 seconds.
That's 0.5 seconds that Kayle doesnt have her E up.

Full CDR Kayle has her E up in 10 seconds out of 10.
Thats 0 seconds that Kayle doesnt have her E up.

"Runnan's so bad"

If Runaan's can give your autos more AoE DPS than Fiddle's ulti and you are still saying that, You are insane.

"But, thats only if you can hit multiple targets, that's hard to do."

Have you ever even looked at the stats of Runaan before??

375 radius = 700 diameter.

That is just like perfectly landing a bigger version of Tibber/Xerath ulti/Brand's Pillar of flame 2.5 times a second and not being able to hit more than one target.

For refernce, this is the sizes of some AoE skills:

's pillar of flame: 250 radius = 500 diameter
's Ulti: 200 radius = 400 diameter
's Ulti: 290 radius = 580 diameter
's rupture: 175 radius = 350 diameter
's ulti: 250 radius = 500 diameter
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AA vs Burst

You say burst damage >> AA no matter what the theoretical damage/scenario I give you.

Why the hell did you pick Kayle over some other better burst AP champion?

-there are other burst AP champions with longer ranges than Kayle
-there are other burst AP champions with better burst than Kayle
-saying Kayle's ulti is the only reason why Kayle is the reason why to pick Kayle over other AP carries is like saying the tryndamere's ultimate makes him the sole reason why he should be picked over other melees.
-Late game:
Single target burst <<< Strong AoE
This is the reason why Leblanc falls off super late game.
This is the reason why Fiddlesticks ulti/Karth AoE is so devastating late game

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AP Burst Kayle vs AS/AP Kayle

This is the main difference between my guide and other AP Kayle guides.

If you look closely at the other AP guides, they all focus on heavily on AP. Kayle built this way will do the same job as a standard AP carry: kill that one guy over there really hard.

There really is no big reason to choose Kayle over another AP carry other than her invincibility if Kayle is played this way. In a team fight, Kayle can at most burst 90% of two enemy's Hp bars. And maybe kill off a lingering third enemy.

Another issue I see with kayles all the time is them falling behind because they cant get any gold income to fuel their CDR needs.

So what if you have a lot of AP?
So what if you have 3 seconds of invincibility?
The most you can do with 3 seconds of invincibility is try to wait on a cooldown and make 3-4 auto attacks.
If your team is really far behind and all you can do is rely on a 8-5.5 second heavy nuke and an auto attack that's slow but kinda hurts, you are only going to kinda blow some winds in your team's favor, but not really much else if you get focused down.

In addition to being able to make MUCH more use of the ultimate, (3 seconds = 7-21 auto attacks ) the AS/AP build utilizes Kayle's most unique point: Her E (Rigjteous Fury)

Combined with nashor's tooth, kayle's autos have a total of 0.55 AP ratio on them.
Sound's easy, no?
So build more AP, right?


"Oh so you're saying build some AS, right?"


What I'm getting at is Kayle's AoE potential.

Listen up, Kayle's E is broken into two differnet parts, and not many people know that.
Part-1(treated as an onhit effect): Extends Kayle's range and grants onhit magic damage
Part-2(treated as a spell): magic damage with same amount of magic damage + % of Kayle's AD

Think about it.

Runaan's Hurricane:
+70% attack speed
UNIQUE PASSIVE: Your basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets, each dealing 10 + 50% of your attack damage and applying on-hit effects.

[Most Obvious Point] THERE'S A REASON WHY EACH BOLT IS ONLY 50% AD. 100% would make ADCs too OP.
However, Kayle's AP on hit AP ratios make her magic on hit damage deal just as much as an ADC's auto, AND IT'S NOT HALVED.

[Most Looked Over Point] So if BOTH Part-2 of Kayle's E AND JUST Runaan's Hurricane bolt hits an enemy, they get hit for 130 + 0.95 AP ratio + 0.9 AD ratio THAT'S FREAKING CRAZY FOR JUST AN AUTO ATTACK. Put that on 2.5 attack speed and it's not just, "I WANT TO KILL THAT GUY OVER THERE SO HARD." it's gonna be, "F*CK EVERYTHING IN THAT DIRECTION."

Statikk Shiv:
+40% attack speed
+20% critical strike chance
+6% movement speed
Unique Passive: Moving and attacking builds Static Charges. At 100 charges, your next attack expends the charges to deal 100 magic damage to up to 4 targets. This damage can critically strike.

Since this is your last item, you will have 2.5 attack speed when you get this item. Because Runaan's Hurricane will help you generate charges, this will fill in for the missing burst damage that you missed out by not getting pure AP.

If you hit 3 targets everytime you auto, You should be dealing the item's burst damage about every second. That's basically almost like giving your autos an AoE 100 damage per second.

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Still not convinced about AP Burst Kayle vs AS/AP Kayle?

Ok, lets do a late game teamfight scenario:

AP Burst Kayle (Example guide taken from here) VS AS/AP Kayle

(with just items + Runes on Kayle and ignoring resistances/Lifesteal+etc, too much math otherwise)

AP Burst Kayle's damage:
AP: 721
AD: 104
Attack Speed: 1.23
Damage per auto: 575
Damage per additional target struck: 330

Damage over 5 seconds:

Damage from Q: 981
Damage from litchbane (assuming you blow 3 spells in 2 second intervals): 1,772
Attacks over 5 seconds: 6

Damage dealt over 5 seconds if only 1 target struck with Autos: 6,203
Additional damage over 5 seconds per additional target struck with autos: 1,980
Max damage over 10 seconds: 14,123

Damage over 10 seconds

Damage from Q(once every 4.8 seconds): 1,962
Damage from litchbane (assuming the unlikely case that you blow all your spells in 2 second intervals): 1,772
Attacks over 10 seconds: 12

Damage dealt over 10 seconds if only 1 target struck with Autos: 10,634
Additional damage over 10 seconds per additional target struck with autos: 3,960
Max damage over 10 seconds: 26,474

AS/AP Kayle's damage:
AP: 286
AD: 129 (25 bonus AD)
Attack Speed: 2.5
Damage per Auto(no crits): 403
Damage per Auto(no crits) when 2 enemies are struck: 978
Damage per Auto(no crits) when 3 enemies are struck: 1553
Additional damage dealt per auto per enemy struck above 3: 174

Damage over 5 seconds:

Damage from Q : 571
Statikk Shiv minimumal damage(no crits): 200
Statikk Shiv maximum damage(no crits): 1,600
Attacks over 5 seconds: 12

Damage dealt over 5 seconds if only 1 target struck with Autos(no crits): 5,607
Damage dealt over 5 seconds if 2 targets struck per Auto (no crits, not including Statikk Shiv damage): 12,307
Damage dealt over 5 seconds if 3 targets struck per Auto (no crits, not including Statikk Shiv damage): 19,207
Maximum damage over 5 seconds(no crits): 22,895

Damage over 10 seconds

Damage from Q (once every 4.8 seconds): 1,142
Statikk Shiv minimumal damage(no crits): 300
Statikk Shiv maximum damage(no crits): 3,200
Attacks over 10 seconds: 25

Damage dealt over 10 seconds if only 1 target struck with Autos(no crits): 11,517
Damage dealt over 10 seconds if 2 targets struck per Auto (no crits, not including Statikk Shiv damage): 25,592
Damage dealt over 10 seconds if 3 targets struck per Auto (no crits, not including Statikk Shiv damage): 39,967
Maximum damage over 10 seconds(no crits): 47,517


The only situation where Full build AP Kayle wins vs AS/AP Kayle is in a highly unlikely 1v1 situation for 5 seconds.
(Unlikely because:
1. All 4 skills used up for just the 1v1 and spaced out in perfect 2 seconds for litchbane proc.
2. Late game Kayle is highly likely to need to use two or more spells at the same time.
3. pure 1v1 situations are uncommon.)

Litchbane was used over Deathfire grasp/Liandry's due to complexity.

I do realize that AP Kayle's damage could be higher if the AP build included either one of the items.

However, the increase in damage would be roughly
(giving out a VERY rough estimate here....)
60-70% increase in damage at best??

However, once more than 1 target is involved, the damage for AS/AP Kayle nearly deals DOUBLE the damage
of a litchbane AP Kayle.

Over an average 5 second teamfight, a late game Burst AP Kayle is likely to deal approximately 8,000 damage to the enemy team before calculating resistances, and that is assuming that kayle gets a litchbane and times her spells exactly 2 seconds apart from each of each other which is highly unlikely as her Q,E and possibly her W and ulti are usually used at the same time which lowers the damage down to about 7,000ish damage.

AS/AP kayle on the other hand, averages about 15,000 damage dealt to the enemy team before resistances, ASSUMING no crits were made even with a 20% crit chance AND still not factoring in the statikk shiv damage.

On top of that, these calculations are in a situation where the enemy is standing still and not running. Full AP Kayle's movespeed isn't that great without her W speedbuff... so Kayle can very easily lose out on some time to deal damage with her autos if her W is on CD.

For people having trouble understanding what I mean:

Imagine this:
AP Kayle deals one hard hitting auto. She winds up for another auto and almost attacks again but the slow JUST wore off and the enemy moved out of range. AP Kayle now has to waste 1-2 seconds of her 5 second window of opportunity to chase the enemy for another auto attack.

However, AS/AP Kayle doesn't have this problem.
Since she has high attack speed and movement speed, she can easily minimize the time she spends chasing the enemy and stopping to auto attack.

I pretty confident that I have made my case clear.

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Pros/Cons - Why play AS/AP Kayle?

This list of Pros and Cons is exclusive to this paticular playstyle of Kayle.
Note that this list may be inaccurate for a standard kayle build.

-Great farming potential
-HIGHLY influential in teamfights.
-3 Second Invincibility on a 36 second CD at max rank + 40% CDR
-One of the best sustained AoE champions in the history of LoL i think,
-Steady high dps
-really good at split pushing waves
-Helps team with dps via Passive (Armor + MR shred)
-Helps teams deal with poke to some degree via heals
-still useful with the utility that Kayle brings even if underfarmed
-Kayle is nearly a god at defending nexus towers, everyone is grouped up so tight for thoese kinds of fights that you can basically probably hit 3 people at once with your autos, thus shredding them of armor and MR so that diving is much more riskier

-little weak vs people with better sustain
-people may be unaccustomed to playing late game Kayle this way
-prior to 30% CDR, farming with E is weird
-getting used to having non-permanent E timing takes practice getting used to
-requires blue for some matchups

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Summoner Spells - Use them lol.

Gonna elaborate on this later,

but pretty much bringing flash, ghost, exhaust, ignite or teleport works pretty well on her.

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Playstyle - Early game/pre-runnans

Pretty much just play like a regular burst Kayle would.

(gonna elaborate this later, getting late, plus there are tons of guides telling you how to play Kayle's early game)

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Playstyle - Late game / after Runnans

Play like an ADC.

It's the same idea.

Live longer = more auto attacks = more damage.

Cept that your damage is nearly all AP, autos splash harder than Jinx's can ever hope for, your ultimate is 3 seconds of invincibility, you have tenacity + high movespeed + movespeed boots that doubles as a heal, and you have a 500+ damage nuke + slow, and your kit enables you to build 2.5 attack speed without making you deal mediocre damage.

(gonna elaborate later and explain positioning basics)

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Items - AoE OP

Starting items:

Let's get one thing straight.
If Kayle needs to use her Q/W more than once per 50 seconds, she ooms pretty fast.
And an oom (out of mana) Kayle is useless.

Start with the Dorans Ring and two pots of your choice. Getting two rings ensures you that you can farm your mana back with your E alone.

I personally get Sorc boots next to get back to lane faster/run from junglers.

After the two Doran Rings

After you get two rings, you probably want to get boots if you aren't filthy rich. .

After this step, your core items are:

- Rabadon's Deathcap (For AP)
- Nashor's Tooth (For AS/AP/CDR)
- Zephyr (For AS/MS/little bit of CDR)

How you build these three items and what order doesn't really matter at this point, though my preferred method is up on the top of the page (might change as I am in the middle of testing a specific change to the build order listed up there).

Mid Game - Early late game

After the above 3 core items are completed, GET RUNAAN'S HURRICANE. This is your biggest team fighting weapon. Your mere presence with this item will actually force fights to sing in your favor. You will also clear minion waves in seconds with this item, no matter how may super minions or how many super minions.

The reason why this item isnt built earlier is because you will either lack the CDR to keep it up effectively (Incomplete Nashor's Tooth), lack too much movespeed (Incomplete Zephyr), or just lack the sheer AP (Incomplete Rabadon's Deathcap) to do miracles with this item.

The 5th item

My strong personal preference and recommendation for the 5th item is Wit's End for more AP damage/MR shred and defense, but you can easily replace it with a Guinsoo's Rageblade or a Blade of the Ruined King.

Just make sure you keep this item an attack speed item if you want to maintain a 2.5 attack speed.

Last but not least:

Statikk Shiv:
Your last item that should bring you up to 2.5 attack speed and your final source of Maximum AoE damage. Brings you that extra movement speed too.

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List of things I'm going to add/update later + update list:

[color=#ff0000]N̛̻̫͇͔͞o͕͍̜̱̗̹̲t̼͙̝̦̯͖̤̫̤̕̕h҉̣̖i̡͕͙̹͖̩̜͔̕ͅṋ̴͚̗̭̹̀͢g̞͉̝̳.͇̮̟̤͈͈̘͞[/color] [color=#ff0000]̵͇̤̪[/color] [color=#ff0000]͚͙̣̭̭̞̮̹S̥̦̬̙̖̗̪͕i̺̬̗͉̗̝͟͢n̘͙̘̝͉͈͖̙c̡̮̕e̷̢͉̜̹͝ ̣̙̞̖e̟̣̲̕v̦̞̣͔͟͠e̟̼͓͡r̖̱͈̻̹̮̕ͅy̙͎̙̬̟̝͝ͅo͈͔̗̝̻̰͓͢n̕͡҉͙̬͈̤̭e̹͕̯̫͉͟͞ ̲̦̤s̸͏̪̘̠̻̫̘̝ḛ̷̢̻̟e̼͔͓̼m̛̤̰͉̦͔̦ś̴̻̼̘̦̤͇̭ ̜̭͙̘͇̯̤̺s̢̲͇̬͍̲̝̭͟͡o̻ ͏̶̦̜͖͠á̧̙̜͙̟͘g͈̻̘̫͓͔͍͇a̶̞̦͢ị̠̯̬͉̳̀͘n̷͇̫͙̕ͅs̷̢͍̭͇͇͈̝t̴̻ ̧̪͞a͇̝̘̪̜͖ͅṇ͉̪͚̜͕̭̗́d̢̘͈̯̙̀ ̞̪̰̰u̶̝̟̺͍̮̗̯ͅn̨͍̱͇̥̺͝i͍̗̙͚̟͠n̙̰͇͍t̵̠͉ͅe̛̙͇̳̪̦r͕̺͓̘͇̥̦̞͜e̡̨̟̮̻̮s̵̭̼͈t̛͍̥͈̜̳̫͝e͏̶̫̼͕̞͉d̪͚̞̳̫͖̜͝͡ ̵̢̯͎͎̖̰̳̪ḭ͚̮̟̦͖̬ṇ̴̛͓̥̝ ̡͇̱̭̼̝͇̞Ḁ̛̀͘o̧͏̞Ḛ̛͙̳ ̠͉͓͔̟͡K̺̗̤̭a҉̟̖̦̙̲̗͈ͅy̶͔͕͖̞͉͕͞l̬̜̜̺̥̬͇̹͟e̷̹͜͝.̵̧̭̦̮[/color] [color=#ff0000]̸̴͚D̢̻̖̞̦͇̝͍̜o̹̱̟̩̜͞n̴̥̺͕̹̼͙̞͘'̵̜̝̪̙͚̬͚̖͠t҉͓͟ ͏̘̺̝͢t̜̹̲̪̕͜ḩ̭̹̣͡ì̙̖͚̙̻͉̣̦ǹ̡͇̼͚̠k̠͉̖̰̙̤̩͢͡ ̣̲̼̖̬́I̲̘̯͠'̞̬̭̻̻͔̬ṃ̯̙͈̭̟̖ͅ ̡̝̺̹̱̱͓̺͈͘g̷̥͙͎͕͕ơ̸̧̺͎̼̖̜̘̮̬í҉̵̗̪͕͉̠͙͇̭n̡̳̺̪͖͙͖͇͘ͅg͍̤̭͖̩̤̹͉͡ ̶̡͔̼̯͉̮t̲͎̳͓͙o̡͎̩͠ͅ ̙̯͎̬̬̞̠̕u̟̩̝̯̖̬̹͚̕͠ͅp͖̹͈̭̮͚̦̳̕͟͠ḑ͖͖̤a̙̙̳͕̙̩̤͈͞t̻̣̠̩e̢͉̤̦ ͔̟͍̦͚̮͘͟͡a͕͉̰̤͔͎̗͡n̳̱̝̝̭͕͟y̩͓̮̪̩̠̜͖m̹̮̬͟͟o̹͞r͇̳͙̙̯ͅe̩̩͓͚͔̲̕͞.̹̭̟͈̱͘͠[/color] [color=#ff0000]̖̭̠̫̗͔́ͅ[/color] [color=#ff0000]̼̫̜͉̬̀͠I̷͇̫̭̣̺͚͚͉f͇͔̼͎̞̟̭̥́ ͚̤y̵̭̹̙͡ơ͇̞̖̥͔͈͈͘ụ̧̫̦̼̲̖͜ ͏̨͔͎̙̭w̴̶̜͉á̤̬͞n̸̯̳͕̘̥̤̺̰͇͞t͍͇̖̲̻̺ ̛̤͕̜̭͉̠ţ̸̞͍̭͉͖o̵̪̯͚̪̱͈͞ ̶͎̀͝k̀͞͏͎͔ṇ̡͜o̴̰͉͕̥̣̫̕w̸͏҉̜̦͚̟ ̸̩m̵̨̨̻̤̥͎̭o̡̻̬̼r̛͍̜̞̥͚̘̝̲̀͢e̟͚̼̹͘͟͠ ̳̞͎̦͔̩͘ͅͅa̰͕͉͡b͕̯̞ò̳̟͍̱̳͘͘ͅu̷̖̱ṱ̣ ͢͏̲t̸͖̯̭͟h̤͓͟i̶̤̥̦͚̤͢ș̛̳́ ̶̦͎b͙͖͖̘ͅṳͅi͘҉̭l̫̱̜̭̙d̸̬͎͈̖̱̼̪̗͢͠ ̵̨̨̠̺̩͍̫͎c̸̷͕͓̩ọ̙͎̲͇̭͇͖́̀m̙͓̤͟e̸̼̺̠̱͔͝ ͍̼a̶͏̣͍͈͖̺̼n̩͈͈͔̙̻͟d͚̙͎͓ ̶̺̫͕̱̬̠̀͟f̭̭i͏̫ͅǹ̠̠̲̯̀d̸̻̱͜ ̶̝̳̺m̨͓̭͞ę̴̦͚͚͙̪̬͞.̢̡̭̰̰ͅ[/color] [color=#ff0000]͈̞͉̯̥̕[/color] [color=#ff0000]̭͎̩͍F̱̰̼̟̹͓ḭ͖͖̫͎̱͔̠͢n̡͓͝d̹́͠ ͇̞̤̯̀̕͜m̳̜̻̱͢e̶͕̰͉̺̝͎̝̬̤ ̧͚̞̝̗̹͓̱̜͜ơ̡̪̝̝͙̼̦͍n̰̦ ̦̞ț͉̪͉̙͈̝h̴̡̹̪͠ͅe͍̩͙͇̙͍͘͜ ̷͈̭͓͍̞̹̼̭f̢̫̗͉̳̯̫̬̣͘i̶̦͜e̛͖̘͈̰̯̕l̨̞̖̞̗̖̲d̛̛̺̣̜͟s̫̗̯͙̦͚͚̮,͏̛͎͖̝͚̪ ̥ͅͅ[/color] [color=#ff0000]̛̲̮͔̮̱̰̙́͝W̧̢̪͇̩̫a̢̺͖͔͎̪̤͙̣̩̕ì̩̗ṱ̣ ͕͕̳͕̹f̭̰̬̦͖ͅͅơ̷̦̯̜̮̲͖̳͓r̖͜͡ ̷̧̛̲̬m͍̣̻̮͓͢e̴͉̣̳͙͖͔̫͘͟ ̧̺̜a̱̗͍̮͠ţ̨̯͈ ͏҉̠͚͍̤̱̤̬̫t̛̼̼̰̝̬̹̱̱͉͜͝h̞͇͞è̝̲̰̟͇̺̘͍ ̵̡̟̻̬͕͖̻͜t͉̳͔̺͕̩͉ͅo̡̲̰̩͓̕p̳͓̼͈̬̟̬ ҉͈̦̺̹ơ̧̺̟͢f̨̠͖̜͠ͅ ҉͚͎͇̺͠t̷̷̘͚̳̙͢ͅh̻͉̼͙̥͓͠͞e̜̞͖̦̬̦̤̯̥͜͢ ̠̳̺̹̤̬͉l̴̖̫͈̥̬̀a̸͇̟̗̕d͙͖͚̭̟̺͘d̸̷̡̺̝͔̣̱̯ͅȩ̶̱̺͎̣̕ͅŗ̞̕͜,̞̫ ̡҉̷̱͓̯̘͎[/color] [color=#ff0000]̷͏͏͈̞͍̰͎ͅI̱̟̹̥͚͇͝ͅͅ'̵̢̗̝͈̼̥͚͟l̵̪̩̼̖̗̝͟ĺ̲ ̧͎̠͎̙̮͙̻b̺͉͕́e̵̫̦̲͙̳̘̜ ̷̘͉̝͠u̵͙͈̗͇͔̘̹͘p̧҉̡̫̮ ̧̧̺͍͙͡ṱh͕̪̼̤̹̫̪e̶̳̱r̼̦̠͟e̬̘͕̜͘͠ ͍̥s͚̮̗̦̠̯͢o̶̪͔̞̩̫̖͜͝m̸̛̛̱͈͉͎̻͔͚̳̳e̱͖̳̭̭͉͡d̠̦̱̘͙̣͖͔a̞̺͕̜̬̙̯͘y̠͓̖̦͙̕ͅ.̶͉̖̱̩͉̺[/color]
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Thanks for reading!

Sorry, for the kinda rush job on the normal sections (Masteries, Playstyle, Summoner Spells)

It was getting kinda late and ... you know, there are so many other guides out there that tell you this info already sooooo......

yeah, you can tell I'm kinda lazy with these kinds of stuff lol.
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