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Diana Build Guide by Fooshka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fooshka

3v3/5v5 Diana is fed... What do?

Fooshka Last updated on August 11, 2012
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3v3 Lane/3v3 and 5v5 Jungle

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Diana is a mage/fighter/assassin who's job is to dive into the fray, provide some AoE CC with her E, take down squishies in the blink of an eye, and get out alive so she can do it again! Before I get into the guide, let me just say that a lot of people have been comparing her too Akali. This is completely wrong. I cannot stress how much of an insult that is too Diana! Diana is a million times stronger!! Okay, now that that is done and over with, let's get into it.

This is my first build here on Mobafire and I hope it goes well. If not, well then I'll leave this one up and try again! If I make any mistakes or errors please say so in the comments down below. Also, if you disagree with any masteries, runes, items, summoners, or anything of the sort, please state that in the comments and I'll try to respond.

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The 3 builds

Yes, I do play a lot of 3v3 so I made two 3v3 guides aswell. The first build I created is a 3v3 lane guide. I generally use it for top lane, but it can also be used in bot lane effectively. The second guide is 3v3 jungle and 5v5 jungle. Yes, I know they're exactly the same. That's because I've used this build in both game types and have done exceedingly well with it! Now, let's get into specifics about why I chose these items, masteries, runes and such.

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I took these runes because... Well honestly I took these runes because they were my standard AP Caster runes. All I had to do was switch out my magic penetration reds for the attack speed reds and then we were in business.
The flat AP glyphs and quintessences are for the early game where you can start to snowball and get the ball rolling.
The flat armor is again for the early game to provide more sustain in the jungle and in case you might go against any AD champions in lane 3v3.
If you play Diana, I think it should be obvious why I took the attack speed reds, but for those who don't play Diana and are reading this guide just for kicks. Well then the attack speed reds are for her passive and so it will proc much more often.

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Again, the only reason I tried these masteries out was because they were my AP caster runes. They ended up working really well and so I kept them! That's really all I have to say about them...

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Okay, this section is the one I have seen a lot of different variations of. From my experiences playing with Diana, tanky Diana is the best way to play her. I know a lot of people like playing her glass cannon but she simply cannot survive long enough to jump into the fight, get all abilities off, take down a carry, and get more than a couple procs off on your passive! This is why you get the early Mercury Treads and Rylais. The Rylais is also good because it's essentially a perma slow once you R onto them. The early Hextech Revolver is necessary early game to provide extra sustain. It is especially good because her passive procs the spell vamp. Next we have an Abyssal Scepter, Frozen Heart, and a Lich Bane. To be honest, I'd suggest getting all of these items BUT if they have an AD that's doing well, get Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter, and then your Lich Bane. Likewise, if they have an AP doing well, get an Abyssal, then a Frozen Heart, and then a Lich Bane. The Banshees Veil is just a really good item on Diana and you should get it anyway. It provides more mana, which Diana is often in need of, and more health, which is the point of this build (To get tankier!). It also denies initiates such as Mummies bandage toss, Morgana Q, etc.

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Skill Sequence

The skills are pretty self explanatory. Max your Q first because it is your main damage dealer and it lowers your cooldown on it so you can get more reset on your ultimate! Your W next because when you dive into your team fight you want to do as much damage as you can and the AoE damage from your W is much more effective then no damage from your E at all! It also gives you more survivability with the shield it gives you. Max your E last because, well, you can't max anything else at this point! Aside from your ultimate of course which should always be at 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Now, on to Summoner Spells. I take Flash and Ignite whenever I play Diana in lane and in jungle I take flash and smite. Smite for obvious reasons. I take flash because when you're chasing down an enemy that flash could secure you a kill OR you could use it too Q a mob, R the mob and get the reset, then R to the enemy. The flash can also be used to steal buffs or pick up a quick get away over a wall. Exhaust is also not a bad choices on Diana. Although I think Flash is crucial on Diana, exhaust is also a very good spell to pick up so if there might be two+ players doing well on the enemy team, you can use it on one and burst down the other. Or you can also simply use it too chase down enmies.

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Diana, is my favorite champion by a long shot. I hate to say it but she will probably get nerfed! I would suggest you all throw your money at Riot and play her before she gets nerfed!! Anyways, that's the guide guys. If you have gotten this far you can go a little further by hitting the like or dislike and make sure to comment and please tell me what I did right or wrong this guide! I'll try to make more guides and use your criticisms to improve it!