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Blitzcrank Build Guide by MasterWR

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterWR

3v3 CC BlitzTank

MasterWR Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my 3v3 build for Blitzcrank. This build offers a lot of survivability and a lot of CC. I am at no means amazing at this game and I just find that this works a lot of the time. *NOTE* this build is also good in 5v5.

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I have just recently bought runes and the ones I chose are not the best, you can decide what runes you may like to take these are just suggestions.

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For masteries I go 1-7-22. now this may seem weird but hear me out. I take 1 point in the offensive tree because it helps with exhaust spell. in the defensive tree I take 7 points, leading to strength of spirit. I do this because its allows you to regen health faster as your mana pool grows, and on Blitzcrank mana is key. Lastly I take 22 points in utility. once again this will help out your mana pool. as well as your speed early game.

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Summoner Spells

There are many options to go with here, I prefer exhaust because i can slow down target that may be able to get away to pull them back, or just to simply weaken there carry such as Tryndamere. For the second spell i take flash, the reason for this is because on twisted treeline there are many jumps or shortcuts you can take to either get away or to chase.

Some other spells that are good are:

Clarity: At lvl 18 it only grants you 700 mana if you see you are about to go under 20% and you dont have alot of mana then a quick clarity may be able to help strengthen your shield enough to let you live.

Clairvoyance: Now your probably thinking why the F*** would i use clairvoyance simple answer is because it helps you save gold on wards and also is a quick check for dragon or red buff. but the main answer to this is it helps you get awesome pulls through walls that will separate the enemy team and allow you and your team an easy kill.

Ghost: If you really want to put your movement speed over the edge this is the spell for you.

Ignite: This can come in handy alot for 2 reasons. 1 being that if your enemy is at low health cast ignite for the easy kill. 2 if the enemy has someone who can regen health fast then ignite them to cut healing by 50%.

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Blitzcrank has a very intresting passive. What it does is it takes 50% of his current mana and turns it into a shield. Now his passive only works when he gets to below 20% health so if they can take out more than 20% it wont trigger. But with his passive it makes have even more health and just adds to why your a tank. With your mana at around 3000 you will get 1500HP shield which allows you to stay in the fight or run away without worrying about dying. It is just something else the other team needs to think about and another reason they will want to focus you.

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Q: This is your grab and what you are known for. I must admit im not great at using this skill but I must say i have pulled some crazy S*** off with this that has made us either get ahead or win a game. some things to note. He uses his right hand meaning its not going to be exactly where the line indicator is, also you can make grabs around minions that way. secondly you can grab people through walls so if they are retreating to there base you can pull them back out if you are by there base wall. Another good use for this skill is to protect your teammates if they are being attack and are at low health, simply grab the enemy and pull them away from you teammate that way your teammate has an easy getaway.

W: This is what you will be spamming the whole game (mostly mid-late game) it provides 32% movement speed and 62% attack speed which really helps you out because your attack speed is slow. This skill also makes you basically uncatchable and you will be constantly going at around 450-500 move speed. This is a great skill all around whether its to chase, escape or just to fight.

E: This is your main attack, you should always be spamming this during fights as this will knock up the enemy making him unable to attack for a short time. with a 2-3 second cool down your team should have no problem killing whoever your targeting as every 2-3 seconds they are knocked up making it very hard for them to do continuous damage. This move can also be used defensively as an escape move, if someone is chasing either you or your teammate run up to them and smack them in the air by the time they come down there to far behind. another point i would like to share is this can stop skills that must be channeled such as Fiddlestick's or Nunu's ult as well as teleport.

R: This is obviously your ultimate. Now your ultimate has a passive which deals damage and cannot be turned off unless the ultimate is on cool down. I caution you that when in the jungle or brush it may attack a minion/jungle monster/champion giving away your position. When in teamfights remember that it is usually best to not use your ultimate as your passive is dealing 300 at max rank to an enemy champion every 2.5 seconds. This can be used many ways as well, if someone is running from a team fight with low health and your to busy with others then use your ult as it has a decent sized AOE. Your ultimate when used also has a silence for 0.5 seconds which means it is very difficult to time it if you want to shut down an enemy skill. Some opportunities that come to mind are once again Fiddelsticks and Nunu's ult as well as a well timed ultimate by you can cause Tryndemere not to get his ultimate off and die. This will also have a 22.2 cool down i believe so spam away.

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Skill Sequence

lvls 1-6: Q,E,W,Q,E,R from then on R>E>Q>W. As the game goes on you want to max E so you can provide good CC during team fights but you want to keep your other skills high as well.

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Skill Combo's

Basic Combo: Q-E-R This is a simple Pull and Punch the ult is optional also you can add W in any where during that combo.

Mid-Late Game Combo: E-Q-E-R This one you need to be close to get the first knock up on them once again ult is optional as well as W can be placed any where. When you pop them up they want to run and if they get out in front pull them back then knock them up again. This works because of your 2-3 sec cool down on your E.

these are the only two combos really very simple but extreamly effective also with the flsh Summoner Spell you can knock them up and flash through a wall and grab to pull them ito your team or just further away for a 1v1.

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The Insta Kill Well/Fountain

This is possibly the most rewarding thing in the entire game. even if you lose it will put a smile on your face. If it gets to the point where you have your Nexus tower left and they come charging in to take it out. Stand near the edge of the well/fountain and wait for them to go in to hit the tower, when the opportunity comes grab one of there champions (preferably there carry) and pull him into the well/fountain. This and your knock up will instantly kill the enemy because of your fountain turret that does 999 damage. This just put the other at a disadvantage as it is now a 3v2 and your team is at full health. This can also be used on super minions. And the best thing is, is that --->YOU<--- get the kill.

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Why Would They Focus Blitz?

Well blitzcrank is thought to be weak which is true but with manamune your looking at around 200+ attack damage and with your E doubling your base damage that is a lot. You may also be saying well your carries can do more damage and to that i say yes,yes they do BUT you have a knock up every 2-3 seconds and a ult passive that does 300 damage every 2.5 seconds.

If they focus you then thats alot of health they need to take out and after they get you to under 20% then you get another 1000-2000HP in a shield. during this your carries are just kicking there A** and its an easy win (even if you do die).

If they do not focus you then they have just let a guy knock them up every 2-3 seconds as well as do 300 damage every 2.5 seconds, and can easily pull a member of there team away at any time and take them on 1v1.

Its a lose, lose for the other team. BUT if they do end up being better then your team (most likely because your team is bad) then wait it out do not surrender!!! unless it obvious your going to lose. (see the Insta Kill Well/Fountain for more details why)

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6th Item

You may have noticed i left the 6th item out. This is because it totally depends on the other team. I will usually buy a Force of Nature (FoN) or Atma's Impaler.

If you need magic resist consider FoN, Banshees veil or a quicksilver sash (If they have alot of CC Quicksilver Sash is amazing)

You need more damage? add 60+ damage by picking up Atma's Impaler it also gives you some armor.

Just some other good items to consider:
Sunfire Cape: 35 damager every second plus health and armor great item to have.
Randuin's Omen: Armor. Health, a chance to slow, CDR adn an active slow. very good choice to pick.
Frozen Mallet: If your enemies are getting away or not letting you pound away at them then this is a great item. 700 HP and a slow on every hit, they wont be able to get away.
Zhonya's Hourglass: Wait WTF?! Well it gives you armor and AP which your ult and grab will use but since your the TANK and may be focused then an extra 2 seconds to live is always nice.

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When just strolling through the jungle to get back to your lane or go for a gank you can take out the easy Jungle monsters with your ult. It gives you a fair amount of gold and it only takes a second to do it.

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Early Game

This is a weird part of the game, depending on your laneing partner your either going to be pushed against your tower or you will be pushing the lane. Now the pros to being pushed against your tower is that it sets up really easy kills for you. Your opponents will start to let there guard down and think that it is easy to push and when they least expect it pull one towards your tower and knock them up and your turret will do the rest (Q,E,W). During the laneing phase you also want your partner to get majority of the minion kills (Depending if they are a carry or not). When you go back to base for the first time grab a tear of goddess to help your mana pool and later on help your manamune. Later go back and either grab a heart of gold OR philosophers stone to give you some gold/10.

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Mid Game

During mid game you can now gank. Now this will only work if you have a good carry/damage out put character in the solo lane. You want to make sure your on the same page as you solo laner and its all about coordination. You have a knock up and a pull that can make sure they will not get away. At this stage in the game try to control the jungle with your team but mainly keep control of the dragon as this will help accelerate your gold. Also you will only be laning for a bit at this point often times you will be ganking or having team fights. But for times when a big push or group of minions are in a lane feel free to use your ult as this will take them down to little health or kill them. For items during mid game you want to buy warmogs as this provides you your health. after that grab your boots of swiftness or w/e kind you want. then after that finish off the manamune. And lastly you should go and grab yourself a frozen heart as this gives you 99 armor and 500 mana as well as CDR making your E a 2-3 second cool down. **NOTE** sell your 5gold/10 if you need the extra gold to buy something as that was only to get you some extra health and gold(heart of gold) or health and mana regen and gold(philosophers stone) for the time being.

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Late Game

Well this is where you make things happen. In team fights its all about your E and W only use your ult to clear minion waves or to finish off the enemies. You are able to take the tower hits so your team can tower dive and do not be scared to punch the enemy to give them a warning.

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Blitz is a very fun champ to play he can make a lot happen and can deny the enemy of an easy kill. Make sure you use your turrets to your advantage and just have fun giving the enemy team hell. Anyways thank you for reading this guide and leave some feedback for me as this is my first guide.