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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pherecydes

3v3 Fiddlesticks

Pherecydes Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide to Fiddlesticks for 3v3 play. This is a very gold reliant build, but if played properly, with the skill necessary, then this build is extremely effective. This build focuses strictly on AP and Mana, or AP and Magic Pen. depending on how you like to play fiddlesticks and who you're playing against. It is imperative that you read the enemy team and decide how to build prior to buying anything past your upgraded boots. I hope you like it!

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These are fairly straight-forward. AP for glyphs, MP for marks, and Health for seals. I take Health for seals because this gives Fiddle a little bit more survivability early game. This early game buff can help you get first blood, and in the jungle at around level 8. Quintessences add to Magic Pen. This is just a big help in general and is advised for players who get used to the build and use it wisely.

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The item sequence in fact goes like this:

1. Doran's ring
2. boots of speed ---> Sorcerer's shoes
3. Needlessly Large Rod (rush this first) + Blasting Wand ----> Rabadon's Cap (If you had a bad start, don't get this third, get it fourth, and just push Zhonya's hourglass to item #5)
4. Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest ----> Zhonya's Hourglass
5. Rylai's/Archangel's/Void Staff (any of these items work here, however, depending on how your game is going you'll want to get the items that fit best. So, if you're having a hard time with survivability go to Rylai's. If you're having trouble with mana consumption, go Archangel's, and if you're dealing with targets who have plenty of magic resist, go void staff. My standard here is to go Archangel's as it is the most useful for me. I then rush to Rylai's for end game since chasing people down is the hardest part for me and getting people trapped in my ult with a slow is a beautiful thing.)

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Skill Sequence

10.Q or E
12.E or Q (depending on which you took at lvl 10, take the opposite)

The reason for this order is again, survivability. One could take Terrify at level 2 if they really like the Terrify Health Drain combo, I do, but not while soloing a lot of the time. I find it easier to do the outright 100 damage on top of health drain, and catch them off guard from the top bushes this sometimes gets me a kill, other times, it harrasses enough that they SHOULD go back, a lot of the time though, they won't and you can pick up a quick kill. By level 8 you should be able to jungle. This really shouldn't be a surprise, fiddle's a great jungler. The reason you should be able to at level 8 is your rank 2 of Dark Wind. This means four bounces and it is supremely easy to take down a group of three neutral monsters in the lower ranking, and only slightly more difficult (two health drains instead of one) on the second ranking group of three. I generally spend one middle jungle rotation in the jungle before emerging to a lane again either to gank or to push a lane by harassing/killing the hero in the lane.

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Summoner Spells/Masteries

Flash - for survivability and for correcting a f*ed up ult and also for chasing that last guy down once you've killed the other two and feel the need to get an ace, because you're just that mean.
Ignite - again, because chasing is one of fiddlesticks' largest weaknesses, you shouldn't let them get away in the first place, so kill them with ignite, as you health drain/dark wind their sorry a**'s.

In place of ignite, you could use exhaust, this also helps with chasing/survivability. If you do this, then I suggest taking a point out of deadliness in your mastery tree, and put it into cripple. Just for functionality. I would never replace flash. It is honestly one of the best spells you can have as fiddlesticks, whether you're having an off-day or if you're playing against a nocturne, rammus, leblanc etc. Anyone with escape mechanisms, it's a wonderful thing to have.

Masteries wise, I tend to use fiddlesticks as a ganker/jungler/solo/outright damage dealer. This means I need as much utility as possible and building for bonus AP doesn't help me if I can't get my items in game. So I build for utility in order to preserve my ability to get first blood/multiple kills early game to fund my rabadon's cap which is ultimately the most useful item for this build since it focuses on AP. The reason I build in utility the way I do, is because mana and health regen are extremely helpful, along with neutral monster buffs for your jungling opportunities from level 8 onwards. Reducing the cooldown on flash is amazing, because it just makes life so much easier. Movement speed for chasing, and cooldown reduction for quicker health-drains and dark winds.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Massive damage, great ganking capability, Survivability if used properly, good early, mid and late game, possibility to ace from level 11 on if played well.

Cons: Difficult to get right, Squishy, Low survivability if used improperly. Bad start, can mean bad game. If you don't know how to gank after level six, this build will not be useful to you.

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Once you have your ultimate, it is vital that you're willing to make yourself available for ganks on the bottom lane. That means getting yourself in position AFTER harrassing your top-lane opponent out of top and then sneaking down the back corridor to come to the center bushes for a quick ult/fear gank. depending on your team-mates this can either be suicide, or extremely effective. However, with the proper use of flash (to escape if necessary) it doesn't have to be suicide. This is your tide-turning point. I generally make it after level eight. Once you make this first gank, all the other ganks should come fairly easily. ult, fear tank, silence any mages with dark wind, health drain lowest enemy, kill (if necessary, use ignite, if not, your health drain or your dark wind should do the trick). This is pretty well how I play the rest of the game.