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Udyr Build Guide by Alterations

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alterations

3v3 Jungle Rush Tactic

Alterations Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Just want to start by saying there's a small paragraph in last chapter explaining the general idea of this concept, the rest of this is just why it works and how to carry out the strategy with precision.

Anyways, I've been getting back into ranked 3's and have been thinking about different team comps and strategies, and have come up with a winning concept, that has been very successful for me. Yes, it's still based on the common tanky dps comps that are widely used, but it gives you an edge on the competition.

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Runes and Masteries

I'm not going to go over this much as it is more of a strategy guide. The masteries are just what I usually use with Udyr, the runes are what I use with him aswell. As for skill sequence goes, its all situational so I just basicly put random things. I will, however, say that these summoners are in my opinion the best for 3v3. On a team, it is always a good idea to have 2 exhausts as it can completely ruin an ad for the duration. Flash I like for 3s as you can jump over any wall and easily escape. For 5s, I prefer ghost on Udyr to close gaps while ganking, but thats not the point of this guide.

Btw Udyr is only in this because I prefer him for this strategy, but several other champions are viable for it. I'm new to this website, so wasn't sure how to make it without a champ and it not saying you should have one, so lemme know and I'd appreciate it :)

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Idea Behind It

I will admit, I am not a veteran 3's player with hundreds of games under my belt, but in the limited time since I've started playing, I've notiede 2 things.

1) Melee Dps such as tryn, xin, olaf, etc dominate the games with help from a solid team comp.
2) The first team to get a player to the jungle generally wins.

Tell me if I'm wrong abotu these things...

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The Strategy

How I've been playing it in ranked gamess is I'll Udyr as the solo top. The goal is to completely rush a Wriggle's Lantern, oftentimes ignoring boots. Once you get the wriggles, have a teamate from bot lane take over your lane, whilst you hit the jungle. With Udyr, grab that dragon asap. I have not had 1 match where a team has it warded or is even thinking about having to defend dragong at lvl 4. Continue on to quickly clear the other 2 buffs, and head back for boots and whatever other items you can afford. After that you pretty much alternate between lanes, grabbing red when it is safe to do so, and ganking when either lane is overextended.

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Why This Works

If you are a veteran player in 5s, you will know the importance of having a jungler is giving a second teamate a solo lane with bonus farm and xp, so they naturally are stronger than the rest of the field.

This effect works overtime in 3's. You are not only giving your bot a solo lane, but the jungle in 3's works alot different then 5's. If you are able to clear the whole jungle, since it is so condenced, you will actually come out with more farm and a higher level than everyone else in the game, including people with solo lane. The dragon if you are able to take it without them noticing, gives your team 280 gold each... which is basicly comparable to everyone getting an early game kill, giving you and your team a huge advantage.

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The Result

If you are able to pull off this tactic at the begining of the game (which is usually the case), you will start to notice you will completely stomp the enoemy team when you start to get into team fights. This is because you possess every buff on the map, more gold, and a level advantage. Just keep clearing the jungle, as they can do nothing about it unless they want to force a fight which you will inevetibly win, and the gap should keep getting wider, allowing you a swift victory.

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Pros / Cons

- You will have a level and gold advantage
- Early game dragons are very nice
- Will have a roaming Udyr with speed buff, which is unstoppable in ganks
- A constant, free ward on mid/red buff (no need to put it in jungle as you know it is cleared)
- Enemy carries that rely on farm from jungle will be very weak (take a xin or trynd who doesnt make it to the jungle for example, theyre just going to be plain out weak)

- Your bottom 2v1 lane might get underfarmed if it's a bad matchup
- Leads to a improvised and ugly game for both sides if the enemy has a champion starting jungle or using the same tactic. (Both teams will be constantly fighting in top jungle as their strategies rely on it.)

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Team Comp for 3's in general

What I've seen in 3s is tanky dps teams will dominate.

My favorite comps of this type:
- Udyr, Amumu, Rumble
- Kennen, Tryn, Irelia
- Ryze, Shen, Tryn

Basicly the idea is having 2 tanky ad and a tanky ap, with competent aoe and cc. And yes, with this tactic obviously someone with early jungle capability. My personal favorites for ap are rumble and kennen, theyre ults will completely destroy teams in the closed spaces 3v3 team fights often occur.

I do realize there are stronger comps involving synergies and such, this is just a basic formula so your team will not crumble when they ban or pick part of your comp. Rule of thumb, always have a variety of champs to play so you can counterpick.

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Summary and Things to Take Caution in

Basic Concept: Use a champion that's strong in jungle aswell as small skirmishes, rush a wriggles, then clear jungle very early before they are even thinking about it. In theory and practice, you will have a team with more farm and xp, that unless you are clearly outpicked/outskilled, will end up winning the game.

Cautions: Since you will be leaving a solo lane to a person who is probibly going to be a level behind, make sure you have someone who can hold their own going into this lane. This also applies to your bot lane who will end up in a 2v1. Make sure he either has good sustain or can clear waves quickly to keep them off his turret, and keep him in lane. This shouldn't be much of a problem because you'll have a jungle that's less than 5 seconds away from either lane, but just keep it in mind during champ selection.

If the enemy is clearly aware of your tactic, just try and get the buffs and get out, don't risk getting ganked then having dragon stolen. ie. if all go mia while you are in jungle, you might want to be a little careful.