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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxNellyxX

3v3 Legendary WarWick

XxNellyxX Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Hello it's XxNellyxX on my 2nd build presenting:
My OP WarWick in Twisted Treeline map.

-TT is a really little map so you can come from nowhere all the time
-Easy jungling and return in the action
-LifeSteal in the beginning so you can solo a lane or jungle for a long time
-Can easily harass you're opponents with hungering strike lowing ur enemy's hp
-Low CD!
-Ganking with wW makes you're enemy kid rage quit

-Can be ganked easily
-Must be sure to have good allies that can hold 2 solo lanes if you jungle
-Is really weak at start without boots if VS a ranged char
-In team fights cant really tank or cover his allies

'Smite: a really usefull spell with WW. Can 1 hit minions so at the beginning it does help alot to push top lane if you solo. An usefull spell also at the jungle! You make all the monsters lose alot of hp and simplify you're killing job time so you can get exp quicker OR use it to kill lizzy/dragon in no time then gank

'Exhaust: one of my favorite spell. i use with with most my chars except the casters! It is realllllly usefull in fights 1 on 1 early / mid / late game if you're vs a good dps (like yi and w/e) or also great to use with you're blood scent because you're faster and you're enemy is slowed.

GHOST: useless. you already have blood scent that is better then ghost!
ignite?: NO just chase them and keep hitting with hungering strike if too far and they'll die
Clarity: must i answer to that.. -.-''
fortify: no, simply if some 1 is pushing you're tower come from the bush attack him normally with hungering strike and HUNTERS CALL! if he escape -> infinite duress thene exhaust if under 50% hp and you are sure to have a free kill
Almost all the other spells are useless for WW in Twisted Treeline

Tips for jungle: start by the golem, and the 2 lizard in bottom left if you're in left team and the 4 ghosts at bottom right if you're in the right team then go to top and kills the 2 group of monsters at the 2 corner of the jungle then go heal and buy some boots.
Return jungle and kill lizzy with you're smite if ready (keep hungering strike the lizzy to get him low) and use you're hunters call to attack faster so he gets dps'd easily then when half hp use smite, nnow with that buff and you're lizzy buff + you're ultimate and exhaust ready you are able to gank the soloer at top with an usefull backstab pinging so you're allie catch what you want to do and get the kill. Return shoping and buy Madreds Razor so now you are able to jungle really fast so go kill the 3 wolfs that gives green buff then the 3 ghots that gives white buff. Re go and gank bottom OR top depends the easyer / lower hp and w/e! be smart in ganking and wait the good moment. After another kill get recurved bow and a pick axe so now you go kill dragon for you and you're team mates. and by that time you're team should have pushed/destroyed a tower so you simply destroy the tower with hunters call if it aint done yet OR push the next tower near there base with you're allie while the other 1 distract you're opponents. Now its nice and easy you guys got the advantage of the jungle and the tower if youre allies are good. Get a nice Madreds blood razor to upgrade youre normal attacks and youre ultimate bringing it almost OP!.
And etc same tactic when the monster respawn in the jungle alwais kill em before anybody and gank asap on an easy enemy for free kills so you can get youre 2 bloodthirster rapidly and etc.

Now! the tips for the line soloer. still with the vampiric scepter, dont care of youre opponent unless he deals big damages or keep harassing you... YOU HARASS HIM ! ITS YOURE TURN! boom alwais hungering strike but save some mana in youre pocket because at lvl 6 you can have an e***sy kill. How? if you harassed correcly he should be arround half hp. now just let him push a little bit and then counter the jungle corner and go where the dragon is and wait till youre free kill approach from the wall then BOOM infinite duress, hungering strike, exhaust and normal attacks plus hungering strike spam ftw.
When youre opponent is dead its now youre time to jungle and shop. because you soloed and you got a kill you're supposed to have enough money for boots and madreds razor MAYBE recurved bow if you farmed alot of minions and you gone jungling a before shopping. and there ya go you're already op. He has less lvl then you, you got the buff if you jungled and you got good items and he doesnt so keep harassing him so he cannot farm onto the minions and again, when near 40% hp do a lil free kill until you get madreds BLOODrazor. after that jungle all the time, kill ALLL monster in the jungle and push all the tower as you can, if the enemys try to stop you call you're 2 other mates and push tower together, enemy cant do anything vs a fed WW and 2 supporting allies. Continue like that and buy all the other items and you gotta push alot and its alwais GG, a match history full of victorys and 15/0/10 :D

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GL and HF becoming an overpowered WarWick's user every game you do and make people rage quit