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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Unmade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unmade

3v3 Mordekaiser farm build

Unmade Last updated on August 9, 2011
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This here is the first guide im trying to put to public, so be forgiving ;)
As a general, i found out that mordekaiser is extremely efficient in farming 3v3 normals when you are in the need of ip points to farm up for an upcoming champion, or runes for something you didnt yet come up with.

Later on i will explain the game style, the way to build items, farm up gold and WIN!

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Before the game starts.

Now, to get the party started, you're gonna need either much magic penetration (which i tried with success but kinda discarded in favor of the other option) or go for full flat ap runes, which is what i usually choose.

The reason i do this is that siphon of destruction starts doing serious damage really early and it stacks up pretty nicely with ap. When you take masteries and runes as i described, you get about 35 ap on lvl 1 when ignite is popped. Now this is a pretty nice buff for killing your lane opponent, but more importantly it allows you to kill creeps, and that my fellow reader is the most important thing for you to do.

As for spells i pick up flash for escaping early ganks and chasing down later, and ignite for the ap buff mainly, + it stacks with ulti to get someone down with 4 bars hp;)

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Regrowth pendant> It gives you the hp regen needed to stay in lane long enough to farm your experience and gold. IT allows you to buy a health potion which gives you a total of 200 hp over a few seconds. As is, i think this item is much better than the book, boots, or any doran. It simply lets you stay longer, and thats all that matters.

Ionian boots of lucidity> this one's tricky. I thought of basing my build on getting a lot of cooldown reduction. Masteries + these boots give you enough to get almost capped with the wolves buff. Thanks to that you can outskill any other morde in lane, kill minions faster, and first of all--- morde is all about cooldowns, you literally live from one cooldown to another, and this additional second on siphon can be your "to be or not to be" in a fight.

Rest of the items is plain morde build, revolver for keeping your hp up, Sunfire to sustain a really serious amount of damage to anything that dares come close.

The end items - rylai and abyssal depend on the enemies you encounter. basically its not a good idea to stack hp with morde since you want them to melt on the pasive shield you produce, not hit directly on your health. Therefore i usually go for the abyssal scepter, or even the -40% magic penetration rod if things get really nice for my budget and i dont feel the urge of getting more resistance.
Overally thats only a proposition, you might need to go for more resistance aswell. In that case i would propose Thornmail against pure ad champions, and upgrading regrowth to force of nature.
In a case the opposite team is really balanced, you should go for Aegis of the legion, which is cheap and gives decent survivability, or guardian angel, which is much more expensive but makes you pretty invulnerable ;)

Generally speaking, the core build, which is revolver+boots+cape gives you enough damage to win the game, so in most cases you can focus on gaining invulnerability from that point. Unless you get underestimated ofcourse , then its ALLOUTDPS for you :D.

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The whole idea.

The general idea of this build is to get enormous aoe damage with a good dose of survivability. To achieve this , you need to farm up as much gold as possible. In my games i usually have 2, even 3 times more last hits than anyone else on the map. The way to do this is simple:
1. be mordekaiser and max out siphon, but use creeping death wisely for keeping your armor up and harrasing
2. "feel" the siphon, kill at least 75% of the lane run, and DONT push the tower.
3. When your minions pass mid, go clear bottom jungle. Start doing this at level 3 when u have siphon 2 and creeping death. You should have no problem with killing these.
4. From around level 5 do the same with the weaker pack top. You can start it earlier, but there is a possibility that there will be golems instead of wolves, and you will drop on health due to them.
5. Level 8-9 is Buff packs top for you, stick to your part of the jungle though.

Now, When you buy a regrowth pendant and a health potion, you should be able to sit out in lane (+ doing the jungling i described above) until you are able to buy cooldown boots. Its best to get a potion on the way aswell since you dont have spellvamp yet. At around level 6 you should be able to nuke down your lane opponent as he usually isnt expecting heavy siphon hits and keeps running in range. If not, better for you, you will have the exp advantage. The next item in line is hextech revolver. You should try to get it all at once , but its sometimes hard to stay in lane if you harras alot and get low on health, so feel free to build it piece by piece. keep in mind to kill jungle ASAP, as this is the key to your victory. Since you get a lot of gold from last hits, you dont really need to kill. In my games i usually have stats 0/0 for the first 7-10 minutes, and am still capable of buying the basic items, upgraded boots and revolver. You generally dont push the opponents tower, you might want to go and gank some at bottom lane, but dont push on the tower until you get the basic gear and at least giants belt/chainmail. Thanks to one of those items you get the survivability that allows you to take a few hits from tower in case you get a good gank opportunity or THEY want to gank you.
From the moment you get your sunfire cape all together, the game becomes more or less faceroll. With creeping death up (at level 12) you hit for 40+80 plus some 20 from your ap Per Second, and that goes for everyone who comes near enough to get hit by your other skills aswell. Squishy champions dont really have a chance to escape from you if they used up flashes and ghosts in another fight, and carries/fighters get pretty surprised by the amount of damage they get from just standing by you.
After getting sunfire you need to check out your opponents. If you are fighting tryndamere (very often found on normal 3v3) you need to get Thornmail asap. actually, if he is really good and feeds on bottom lane, you can even swap the queue and get it before sunfire to pummel him down fast. Generally you need to build up your former items against the opponent, get abyssal scepter (beginning from negatron)or upgrade the pendant to force of nature if the casters get really ugly.

There it is, the idea to win :)

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Play style

There are a couple of things you need to remember when playing morde in 3v3.
1. you are ALWAYS top. Dont let any leblanc, udyr or other amateur go " Me top or afk". Your win depends on the jungle clearing, and for that you need to be top. Besides being bot makes your partner goldless.
2. Stick To enemy MINIONS in fights! When you fight another champion, it is crucial for you to build up armor. For that you need to have a decent group of minions (at least 3, 6 is perfect) to feed your creeping death. Siphon usually gets you to full bar in one hit, but its better to hold it for the enemy champion (best if he's in lane with some minions:) )
3. Provoke teamfights when minions are around. In most cases the other team takes their own minions involved in a team fight for luck, they dont understand it makes you more resistant ;)
4. Always keep Creeping death on. WHen you go to shrubs, when you attack minions, jungle mobs, when you SEE an enemy cast in 2 ranges of his spells, YOU PUT CREEPING ON. And thats because you can always get a stun/snare , and you will need that armor/mr and shield production to get out of it alive, or to even get the fight back and kill the adversary ;)
5. Dont be afraid of tower dives when you're level 6+. You can easily kill a squish with half a bar in 1 shot- siphon>ignite>ulti. The dots will usually kill the guy, and armor is really easy to gain up in 3v3 so you just need to fill up your bar before the dive ;)
6. Help bot whenever jungle is clear and your mobs are past mid.
7. Experience/gold is your priority. Dont let the enemy kite you around and provoke for chasing, you need gold , and minions/jungle mobs are much more trustworthy than risking a gank.

8. Higher level than your enemies gives you a HUGE advantage, when you get at least 2 levels above the highest opponent, it will snowball further to some crazy situations ( like you're 18, next after you is 13, game won)
8. If your team mates whine that you're not helpful, Sheet on IIIT, you will win the game for them later :P