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3v3 Trundling

3v3 Trundling

Updated on April 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author doeka Build Guide By doeka 5,899 Views 7 Comments
5,899 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author doeka Build Guide By doeka Updated on April 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Trundle is one of the most under-utilized champions in the game. His abilities in a 3v3 changes the tides of a game very quickly. Being able to steal the attack from their carry and the armor from their tank in any team fight will have them wondering how in the world you don't die and how in the world you hit like a truck. This guide should explain how I play him in 3's and hardly ever lose.

If you feel like the build isn't working for you, please leave a comment before you down vote the guide into oblivion :)
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You get 6 Marks of Desolation to give you the needed +10 armor pen for the jungle creeps. You then get 3 Marks and 3 Quints of Strength to give you more attack damage. You go with 9 Seals of Resilience for the needed armor boost (you are tanky dps). Blues can be choice, but I prefer to have the extra cool down from Glyphs of Focus to be able to bite more often.
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With Masteries, I go with the 1/14/15 jungle build, but I change it by putting an extra point into the exhaust mastery and take that point away from the quickness mastery in the utility tree. So, with the tweaks, it ends up being 2/14/14. The utility tree is slightly different for the following reason:

1. Exhaust is WAAAAAAY more useful in a 3v3 match then ghost. You won't be ganking as much as a jungler in 5's and biting/exhausting their carry will prove to be better than just being able to chase them down.
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So, when putting this build together, the items are designed for a jungle/lane attack scheme. The key to this build is to rush wriggles for dragon @ level 6 and play the tanky dps in team fights shortly after that.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty straight forward for any Trundle build. Max R -> Q -> W -> E
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Summoner Spells

As explained before, you take exhaust over ghost because of its usefulness. Now, you take smite for your secondary skill to get the red buff @ L2 and dragon @ L6. You want to control the jungle from either the solo top lane or dual bottom lane. Smite will help you with this. Your team will have more gold and levels because of this. You will push your lane and then clear the jungle.
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ATTACK, THEN BITE! The key to killing the jungle, minions, and champs faster.

Playing Trundle in 3's can be done either solo top or dual bottom. I prefer to dual bot because you allow all 3 of your teammates max exp. To do this, you will have to 1/2 jungle 1/2 lane your role. The beginning of the game will determine your play style. The preferred method will be for you to be aggressive in pushing the minions, not harassing the other champs. If you can get a kill without either of you dying, then by all means, kill the other team. But, more often then not, this can not be accomplished.

The key is to push the first two waves of the opposing team's minions. Once this is done, you will be level 2 and you backtrack into the jungle to get the red buff. Pop a health potion before attacking, use only bite, and smite when it's life is low. Once you have the red buff, you clear the opposing middle jungle and then come back and clear your side of the middle jungle. You then port back, buy Madred's Razor and make a choice. If the top lane is handling themselves fine, leave them alone. If the bottom lane is slowing being pushed back, leave them alone. If both of those scenarios are happening, then you go take top jungle.

Priorities are as follows: Bottom lane, Top lane, Top jungle.

After taking top jungle, you port back and go bottom. By this time, the bottom probably has pushed to your tower and they are starting to harass your teammate or the tower. When you show back up with boots and full health, the other team will back off. This is where you push the bottom again. Clear enough waves to push the minions on their side and then port back. You should be level 6 with Wriggles. If you are not level 6 or have enough for wriggles, clear the middle jungle before you port back after pushing the bottom again.

Once you port back and get Wriggles, you now go do dragon. This is where the tides really turn. 3v3 is all about snowballing to victory and this is where the snowball begins. This is where you get your teammates the extra gold and the ever useful dragon buff. Yep, at level 6.

Once you get your Wriggles, ALWAYS keep the middle warded. You will constantly save your teammates from ganks. You will know their moves. You lose and win Twisted Treeline by warding the middle.

Gameplay after this will require you to be a roamer. You either help top take the first tower or you help bottom take the first tower. You want complete control of the map and once the first row of towers are annihilated, you accomplish this. You force them to venture out without protection. This is where your teammates clear the jungle, split push or all push either the top or bottom inhib tower. Not the inhib, the tower. This is where people make the following wrong decision. They are feeling good about themselves, they are pushing the inhib tower, destroy it and they feel like they can take the inhib also. They take the inhib and then back track to jungle or push the opposite side.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS. (unless you are playing a team of complete newbs and the game will end while you go for the nexus... this rarely happens, so do not count on it.)

You are allowing the other team to feed off of your super minions while they are not having to cover very much of the map. It is still too early in the game. You want to destroy the tower and then move onto the other inhib tower. This way, they have no guard to their inhib, but they can't feed off of your super minions.

Once the other tower's inhib is destroyed, you then go for their inhibs. You can make the choice from here if the game is going to be over with you destroying one lane or both.

Just remember, if they do hold off a push from your team, DO NOT SIT IN FRONT OF THEIR TOWERS DOING NOTHING. The key to them being on their heels inside their base is that you have free reign of the jungle. You kill the dragon and lizard every time they respawn. You make sure the advantage stays in your favor the entire time. If you play with your dingy outside their towers, you are allowing them to catch up. You are killing your snowball. You use your wriggles and an extra sight ward to ward the bushes going into the jungle on their side of the map. Because they will get sick of waiting inside their base and venture out. They will try to get extra exp from the low level jungle creeps. By warding these areas, you allow your team to 3v1 or 2v1 or 3v2 their team. They won't have any idea that you have these spots warded and are waiting to gank them.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author doeka
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3v3 Trundling

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