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Teamfight Tactics Guide by ScottTheTeemo

3x Challenger. TFT set 2 build. New CHAPTER⭐⭐⭐

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on November 20, 2019
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

3x Challenger. TFT set 2 build. New CHAPTER⭐⭐⭐

By ScottTheTeemo
3x Challenger NA server
Intro Back to Top
Hi, I'm Scott. I go by ScottTheTeemo on, and a few might know me as ScottTheKorean in high elo Sc2 and Overwatch.

I have successfully finished my "Unranked to Challeger" in TFT 3 times in the NA server. First Challenger account took 100 games, while the second account took 67 games to hit Challenger.


FOR COMPLETELY NEW PLAYERS: Click on the link below and read my first guide for how to ECON + HYPER ROLL and the fundamentals.

For exprienced TFT players, let's begin.
Set 2 S tier Comps Back to Top
New Classes / Synergies Back to Top

Click for full image:
New ITEMS Back to Top

Click for full size :
4 different ways of hype rolling in the new Set 2 classes.

Best* Lights Hyper Roll - Jax, Vayne , Nasus

Predator Hyper Roll - Kog Maw , Warwick, Reksai, Skarner (you can just get 3 of em to star 3 and just keep those 3.)

Transition after successful Star 3 units into Posion (twitch.mundo.singed), or Berserker/Glacial (olaf, Voli, braum)

Woodlands Hyper Roll - Every woodland /druids are worth it

Transition after successful Star 3 units into Mage, or Assassins.

Mage Hyper Roll - Syndra, Vlad, Taliyah (if early malzahars and zyra, hyper roll them)

Transition after successful Star 3 units into Summoners (Annie, Brand, zed)
Predators First Place (youtube) Back to Top
How to get first place with predator hyper roll -> youtube coming soon
Yi Carry Build Back to Top
Hand Of Justice -> Trap Claw -> Blood Thirster on Star 2 Yi


GET MYSTIC WITH JANNA -> Yasuo (CLOUD) -> blademaster mystic for Yi

BUILD into either blademasters , or summoners with this comp.

(which champs to use should be in "set 2 tier comps" chapter)
Nocturne Carry build Back to Top
This is underrated and a bit of a cheese, but it works.

Steel + ***sassins are pretty dope.

You want Giant slayer -> rage blade -> blood thirster on Nocturne Star 2 or 3.
6 Rangers Back to Top
Eh.... It's basically 4 rangers from last season.

Instead you get Triple Shyv Ashe, and Runaans Twitch/redbuff twitch to carry.

Use Taric, Malphite as front line
BERSERKERS+ glacial Back to Top
6 Berserkers + 4 Glacial

OLAF carry (Bloodthirster , Rage Blade , Dragon claw) -> phantom dancer if you can't get one of the items.

(voli/olaf are both glacials and berserkers)
SET 2 - ranked patch *new chapter Back to Top
Alright few changes since last patch!

Glacial + poison build is sadly still OP :(

I would say blademasters + cloud might be the strongest comp though.

Ocean mages are great too (hyper roll the ocean units)

*pro tip. Use mountain or warden to sustain health early and transition to the OP comp with it. Econ well (check my first guide on how to)
To be continued.... Back to Top
Since it is all so new, I need more practice and experiments as well.

I will try to update weekly with more information!

Thanks for reading.



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