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Wukong Build Guide by Orphen223

5 Star Wukong

5 Star Wukong

Updated on January 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Orphen223 Build Guide By Orphen223 0 8 9,254 Views 3 Comments
0 8 9,254 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Orphen223 Wukong Build Guide By Orphen223 Updated on January 7, 2012
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Hi My Name Is Orphen223, and I am basically gonna take you through, and show you how I Play as Wukong Successfully. I Want You To Keep In Mind This Build Works For Me, And I Am Merely Sharing It With You. It Does Not Mean It Will Work For You It All Depends On Your Gameplay. I Am The Kind Of Player That Hides, And Comes Up Behind Other Players To Do The Most Possible Damage At The Right Time. You May Be The Type OF Players That Likes Jumping Into The Action, Or That Likes To Sit Back, And Relax.
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I Know At First Sight My Run Setup Seems Odd Compared To All The Other Wukong Builds, But I Do Have Reasons. Even Though Wukong Is A High Attack Champion He Is Squishy When It Comes To Getting Hit Back. My Build Basically Loads Wukong Up With That Extra Defense To Stay In The Battle. Most People Choose Attack Speed, And What Not For Quintessense, But How My Build Works You WIll Get All The Attack Speed You Need, And More By Mid Game. I Do Throw In Marks Of Desolation To Get Some Armor Penetration For When Fighting Tanks, My Buying Sequence Also Goes Towards That.
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My Choice In Masteries May Seem Odd But It Works. Between Spell Purchases Wukong Damage, and Resistance Wukong Will Have Enough Magic Resistance To Get In, And Out Fine Plus I Dont Put Magic Resist Runes On So This Skill Helps. Wukong Main Tree Will Be Offense Even Though He Has High Damage More Damage = Better Outcome When Fighting Tanks, and Killing Magic Users Faster. I Also Like To Get Some Crit Strike In, And Some More Armor Penitration As I Said Before To Help Hurt The Tanking Players More. My Points In Defense Only Help More In Reducing All Incoming Damage Towards Wukong.
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Okay Now Keep In Mind All My Purchases I Purchase Through The Tree's I Dont Purchase Anything By Itself Except Doran's Blade Because You Have Too. But I Start Off With Doran's Blade, And Prospector's Blade In Dominion Only Because They Are Cheap, And Give You That Early On Attack, And Wukong Is Very Powerful Early Game, And End Game. Next i Buy Through The Tree To Get Mercury;s Treads It Gives You Good Speed, And Good Magic Resist So It Worth The Buy. Next I Go With Trinity Force Start Off With The Damage Side So You Can Get Easier To Build Up To The Ability, And Attack Speed Sides, After Damage Go Ability, And Then Finish With Attack Speed. If Your Playing Right Youll Notice You Are Getting Kills Pretty Quick At This Point Especially In Dominion. Next Youll Go Infinity Edge Which Is My Choice For The Crit Strike, And The 80 Attack Damage, or You Can Go With The Black Cleaver Which Reduces Your Targets Armor By 15, And Can Stack Up To 3 Times. I Go Back, And Forth Between Them. Finally I Like To End With Last Whisper Because You Add Onto Your Armor Pen, And Get That 40 Attack Power Add On.
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Skill Sequence

I Think the Easiest Way To Play Wukong Is With This Sequence Nimbus Strike, Crushing Blow, Decoy. Basically You Charge Hit The Opponent Instantly Hit With Crushing Blow Which Does High Damage, and Then Decoy So You Take Little Damage, And Use Up Their Skills, And The Your Ready To Go Again. Only Use Your Cyclone When Enemies Are Low Or You Are Inbetween Multiple Enemies.
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Summoner Spells

I Usually Use Heal, And Speed For Wukong. My Reasoning For This Is For Some Reason Wukong Seems To Be A **** Magnet Everyone Wants To Gank Him So I Heal, And Peace Out With Speed. Also If You Play With Him Correctly You Start Getting Alot Of Sprees, And Everyone Just Wants To Kill You. You Just Need To Pop SPeed When In A Bad Situation, And Heal If Your Still In A Bad Situation.
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Pros / Cons

Very High Damage At The End Of Build
Very Godd Damage At Game Start
High Armor, And Good Armor Penitration

Mid To Low Magic Resist So Even Though You Do Great Damage To Magic Users They Do The Same Back.
Squishy At The Beggining Of Game.
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Team Work

The Best Thing To Do With This Build Is To Hide, And Let Your Team Bait Because With This Attack Damage, And Armor Pen Once Wukong Gets Ahold OF Someone Especially When A Teammate Is Around They Are Gonna Die Or Have No Hp Left. This Is Also A Great 1v1 Build Champions Will Have Alot Of Trouble With You.
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Unique Skills

The Best Part About Wukong Is If He Is Getting Ganked He Can Get Out Of Any Situation If Used Right. With The Amount Of Armor He Has With This Build Wukong Can Last Forever. Many People Dont Realize Nimbus Strike, And Cyclone Can Be Used As Objects To Get Away With. For Instance If You Are Being Chased, And Have Low Hp You Can Nimbus Strike A Enemy NPC Monster, And Gain A Good Amount Of Distance Between you, And A Champion, And Cyclone Speeds You Up A Ton.
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This Build Is Actually Best For Killing Other Champions At First. After You Get Trinity Force It Makes It So Much Easier To Kill Oppenent NPC's, And Makes It Even Easier To Kill Champions. Once You Get Trinity Force Stick To Areas Where Only 1 Opponent Champion Is At It's A Quick Kill On NPC's And The Enemy Champion Won't Come Near You Once They See How Fast, And How Hard You Hit.
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Ranked Play

For Ranked Again Your Tactic Is Going To Be To Let Your Teammates Pull The Enemy To You Becaue Your Role Is The Main Damage Dealer, Another Great Role Wukong Can Play With This Build Is You Can Pull Your Opponents To You Damage Them Let The Run Have Your Teammate Flank Them From Behind, And Then You Catch Up With Nimbus Strike, And Help Finish Them Off.
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