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Swain Build Guide by Stiigma

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiigma

[6.9] Swain - The Master of First Blood

Stiigma Last updated on May 4, 2016
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Swain Build

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Updates to Swain

This is far a huge buff to this champion and in my own opinion it looks like a way too big.. Yes we shouldn't whine about huge buffs but they consequently come with huge nerfs as well afterwards.

The thing with this new Swain is about his primary damage ability, E - Torment.

Until this patch, we'd maximize this ability first to get those 20% damage amplifying ASAP, but now, there is no reason to do so as for this patch, leveling up this ability WILL ONLY INCREASE BASE DAMAGE.

This gives you the ability to maximize Q first.

Early game, Swain was known as having high burst in the midlane, able to grant a First Blood by simply doing a minimal level 2 combo like E - Q - Ignite - AA's which squishes out most of midlane's champions at the cost of some mana and ignite, which if you happened to fail would be a bit of expensive as harrassing this fast will only make your opponent Recall and get back to lane in a few seconds only to outplay you with your lack of mana plus you won't be out CS your opponent as much (in my opinion swain's early CS is kind of hard -- obviously easier now with updates to projectile speed on his basic attacks)

This item build is focus on regular sturdiness and damage. I haven't yet been able to test out the new AP changes at all but i'm guessing swain will still do fine with this old ones even with the changes on Harmony and RoA.

I will be updating this as i get more experience with this Swain's buff. The item changes may or may not benefit him even with the buffs (probably mostly will be just good and we'll be seeing Swain maybe way too much in the next days).

I still keep RoA in this build to see where it goes. Harmony's new buff seems to synergy good with Swain's abilities, mainly his ultimate for the obvious reasons, this is a must have if you want to stand longer in teamfights with your ult.

I am open for feedback about items and other stuff, this "guide" was mainly to explain the changes to this underrated champion (Which i think that was actually pretty good, if not outplayed nor countered it can be a really good hyper carry that boosted me to gold, it's weird how we don't actually see him often, pretty rarely to be honest.)