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Kayle Build Guide by MissMore

70% support kayle (30% Tank)

70% support kayle (30% Tank)

Updated on April 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMore Build Guide By MissMore 2,230 Views 1 Comments
2,230 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMore Kayle Build Guide By MissMore Updated on April 9, 2012
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first of all, sorry for no pics.. i dont know how i can place some pics into the chapters.
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I'm not a fan of a run build. Runes are expensive and you only have 2 pages. The runes i have use are very defensive runes. Tier 3 or tier one depends on if you have a lot of money and if you have enough patience to wait for the money by playing a lot of games.

- I use Tier 2 armor seal runes.
- Tier 2/3 Health mark runes.
- Tier 2 mana regen sylph runes (this depends if you chose soul shroud in intems)
- For quintessence runes i have tier 2/3 movement speed runes.

Nobody is using them and maybe it isnt nescessary with your W ability, but i like it and those runes are very expensive too and usefull for every champ.
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Then now i'm explain my choice for the masteries:
First of all this Kayle is a support, so you play for an other champ! You dont need to kill a champ you have to help your teammate.
That's why i chose for 1-22-7.

- I chose for some mana and mana regen, and serieusly, a support Kayle doenst have a lack of mana in the beginning if you give some points to utility.
- I chose for a good starting Health
- Mercenary super importing for some extra money, because you should get a lot of assists and you dont farm.
- Cooldown can be handy and i like movement speed.

The rest you can fill in by yourself and should fit in your play style and combine well with your spells.
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For items I always buy stuff you help your team with. The shield is really nice in teamfights and mana regen, cooldown reduction, movement speed and defence.

The chosen items are a bit tanky, so if you dont like that you can change.. This items can work as well
- abylis scepter (decrease magic resist for opposite)
- levithian (if your sure you wont die, against bot really nice, for more tanky build)
- Rod of ages (more aggresive, and for some more Health/Mana)
- Spirit Visage (gives 15% more health when you heal only yourself, for more solo play)

So chose your style and mix the items in your way. The items I use in this guide are all selected on a support base style, keep that in mind.
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Skill Sequence

For support your W and R are the most important! so max them as quickly as possible. If you want to attack some more often chose sometimes E. W is only handy for the slow, but that percentage wont go up if you level it up so max that ability as last.
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Summoner Spells

I chose for Heal, because you can support more often and for the opponent its harder to kill you.
Also exhaust, because you can help your teammate to get that kill easier if he tries to escape.
What could also be usefull if you dont like those spells:
- Promote (nice push and gets easy money if your solo in lane)
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just try not! Your carriers need the money more then you do!
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Team Work

Team work
very important for a support champion. Tips for your teamwork:
    Never stay alone in a lane
    Try dont kill any minions (last hits are for your carrier)!!! very important
    Use your w often, so you try to stay the health of your teammates optimally. If you think a fight will come, wait for your W because for an escape the movement speed can be very usefull
    Because your a bit tanky try to stay in front of the carrier and use your E for scaring him off
League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMore
MissMore Kayle Guide
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70% support kayle (30% Tank)

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