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Ryze Build Guide by slothman01

7k mana, 600AP, 5k HP

By slothman01 | Updated on June 19, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Ryze
  • LoL Champion: Ryze


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lots of mana

AA is a must for ryze with his mana, gives 1400 mana (effectively), and turns it into AP to balence out his non mana dependant abilities.

6.7k mana build.

ok so we have what? 725 mana from each RoA, and 1400 mana from the AA, plus 225 from the ult at 18. and with our AA that add's 200 more AP, so we have an effective 6701 mana and the a AP (figured with the 3% AP bonus with AA) we have aprox. 566 ap.

so our dmg scales nicley with:
................mana bonus...AP dmg
----Overload: (6701*.08) + (566*.2) + 130 = 536 + 113 + 130 = total 780 dmg
Rune prison: (6701*.05) + (566*.6) + 200 = 335 + 339.6 + 200 = 895
---Spell Flux: (0) + (566*.35) +130 = 198 + 130 = 328 each bounce
(up to 5 bounces so a potential of 1640 dmg)

all of this is base dmg, so the spell flux will take the biggest hit from lack of magic pen. this build also can use a tad CDR, but i sacrificed it for a higher dmg out put instead of the 10-20% more cdr.

EDIT: this build dosn't include masteries. so with the 5% max mana bonus that puts us at 7k mana, and with with a higher cdr than shown (by like 9%, and with 15% magic pen.

hope you guys like it. if you have something childish to say feel free to say it, i wont argue with u. and if you have a constructive idea, i'd appreciate it. maybe somehow to add 10% cdr and maintain the wicked hp mana and dmg output.

thanks play smart, dont die.

ps. didn't bother with the ability thing, put them where ever
League of Legends Build Guide Author slothman01
slothman01 Ryze Guide

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