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General Guide by Lalisa

Top 9.14 League of Legends Guide - Make your game playable!

By Lalisa | Updated on July 18, 2019

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Champion Build Guide

9.14 League of Legends Guide - Make your game playable!

By Lalisa

General Thoughts

9.14 has been a major patch, probably the biggest one to ever happen mid split.
This patch will add a huge amount of variety to your soloq games, as well as pro play. Teams will have to really make some important decisions and might even want to swap out some players if they do not play this current meta. Or even if they are onetricking specific Runes.

The biggest meta changes come from certain Champions completely losing the ability one or more abilities.

Riot: "During this patch, we're introducing certain counter mechanics to some champions' existing abilities."

We will go in depth into these "counter mechanics" in the following sections!

Rune Changes

Electrocute, Manaflow Band and Phase Rush have all been removed from the game. However, they have not been updated yet in your Runes tab. Make sure you do not select any of these runes as they will have no effect.

Major Champion Ability Changes

  • Sivir got her W removed, it does not bounce any longer. It does however still increase your Attack Speed during its duration if you are Level 6.
  • Galio E now ignores all colission, it now flies right through you. I think the point of this was to make him more nimble, like Fizz!
  • Azir Towers do no longer deal damage, the laser is purely aesthetic.
  • Qiyana lost the ability to use her Q when having an element, I think they implemented this because she was so overpowered this was the only way to balance her.
  • Aatrox is no longer a champion but you can buy GA on him.

Must Bans!

Annie has been buffed in no way anyone ever saw coming. After stacking her passive to 4, she will perma stun on every ability and not lose stacks until she dies.

Mordekaiser can no longer attack in his own Death Realm, his attacks will instead be thrown out in the real world. This could be useful if you want to use your ult as invuln but you won't see who you are hitting so I recommend banning him because he is so overpowered. Riot also thought they should bring over some TFT RNG to Summoner's Rift, so having Mordekaiser in your game now sometimes makes all abilities disappear completely.
For that reason the best counter to Mordekaiser is anything that auto attacks, so mostly AD Carries and Bruisers. Do not play a Mage into Mordekaiser.

For the full patch notes please go here

Riot: "Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian will be available on July 18, 2019."
How are your TFT games going?

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