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Teamfight Tactics Guide by ScottTheTeemo


[9.22] 3x TFT Challenger: New Chapter

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on November 6, 2019
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

[9.22] 3x TFT Challenger: New Chapter

By ScottTheTeemo
3x Challenger NA server
Intro Back to Top
Hi, I'm Scott. I go by ScottTheTeemo on, and a few might know me as ScottTheKorean in high elo Sc2 and Overwatch.

I have successfully finished my "Unranked to Challeger" in TFT 3 times in the NA server. First Challenger account took 100 games, while the second account took 67 games to hit Challenger.

I'm currently working on my EUW Server Unranked to Challenger.

I've been getting a lot of questions on how to play this game mode well.

I'll start with the basics of how to play the game, and move to the expert level inside tips on how to crush Challengers on TFT with this guide.

Feel free to ask me questions on the guide, or on my stream! =D
TFT S tier Comps Back to Top
The current "OP" compositions, click the image for more details.

These are relatively accurate for building a late game comp; however, the skill of TFT is based on transitioning into a good build. We'll touch on this in the later Chapters.
For Beginners-Intermediates Back to Top
Next Few Chapters are for beginners to intermediate players.

The Expert Players' Chapters following will be for the (Try-hard, Kappa) players.
How does TFT work? Back to Top
8-Players will fight through multiple stages, re-positioning, re-organizing an competing against one another to become the victor.

Many will argue that this game mode is based on RNG; however, as you get better at this game, you will find that this game requires skill over RNG.

In this guide, I will go through every small detail of the game: How to Econ, Refresh (ReRoll), Exp, Cheeses, Korean Cheese Strats, Chinese Cheese Strats, my original builds, and etc.
Health Back to Top
Every player starts with 100HP.
When a player reaches 0HP = GG (you dead)

Taking a look to the right side of your screen when you load up a new match will give you the information about your current HP and your current Placement out of the other 7 players.

Every stage you lose against an NPC (ghost army) or player will subtract (x) amount of health based on how many champions are left on the enemies playing field including themselves. You will take a lot more damage from 8 champions than you would from 1 champion. Also, the quality of the champion or unit will affect how much HP you will lose.

(i.e., a gold 2 unit will make you lose more HP, a higher star unit will make you lose more HP, and Elise Spider/Elemental Golem will make you lose less HP)
Shop Back to Top
This is the shop of TFT.
The number represents how much gold it costs to buy that champion.

If you buy 3 of the same champion, it will turn the 3 champions you have as a Star 2 Single Champion.
(i.e., 1 regular Vayne + 1 regular Vayne + 1 regular Vayne = 1 star 2 Vayne)

Thus same logic follows:

1 star 2 Vayne + 1 star 2 Vayne + 1 star 2 Vayne = 1 star 3 Vayne

You can only build up to Star 3.

Try to restrict yourself from going on a spending spree. I will explain in detail during "Econ Chapter."

Located above the shop is your bonus income.
Each gold chest indicates 1+ extra gold per turn.

Every 10 gold, you receive 1 additional INTEREST gold.

10-19=1 20-29=2 30-39=3 40-49=4 50+=5
Carousel (Shared Draft) Back to Top

Every 5 rounds, all players will teleport to the center of the map where a small selection of champions will spawn, each carrying 1 item.

From the 4th carousel, there is a possibility of champions carrying a full core, rather than a single item.

There are enough champions for every player to get one, but some champions will be more highly contested. It can be beneficial to have a lower life pool if it allows you to get an early pick to grab an important champion.

2 players are released every few seconds to get their chance at picking a champion.

If two or more players have the exact same health, the game will be randomly choose which player with the same HP will get the faster pick.
Econ (for beginners) Back to Top

This is the basics of "How to learn econ-ing for beginners".

I'll get into the complex Econ-ing and cheese in further chapters.
Probabilities Cheatsheet Back to Top

I'm trying to memorize these... You don't have to... (use cheat sheets)
Item Cheatsheet Back to Top

Click this Link for full size:
Classes / Synergies Back to Top

Click this Link for full size:
Expert Level Guides Back to Top
For Beginners - Intermediate Chapters, this is it. These are info you can probably get in most in depth guides. *(Fundamentals of TFT)

From this chapter on: it will be more exclusive.

Metas change quickly; therefore, I will update SWIFTLY as possible. (like the coursing river.. =D sorry. )

This is mostly for Platinum - Diamond players who are EAGER for the climb.

I will go over positioning, econing, cheese strats, original unique builds, itemization, timing, tempo-ing, "Going with the flow", transitioning, and etc.
Chinese Cheese Strat Back to Top
There are currently TWO Chinese Cheese Strats.

I'm sure many high elo tft players are familiar with the first.

Voids + Assassins

1. Pick up B.F. Sword or Spatula at carousel
2. Keep all assassins and void units you get early game and hold on to them
3. Try your best to lose 3 rounds early. (to get first pick on bf sword or spatula at the next carousel = make youmuus)
4. Econ up to krugs by selling your non void/assassin units.
5. Make Either Kass or Reksai into Assassin with youmuus. (Usually whoever is level 2 first. I prefer Kass)
6. Do not level up to follow other people. DONKEY REROLL until you hit level 3 on Kass, Kha
7. after it feels you can beat level 7 players at level 6, Econ and catch up. Get akali/cho etc.
8. Get Top 4 and do it again the next game.

NOW, My variation of this particular cheese is a lot less risky on the rerolls.

Instead of donkey ReRolling, I save my econ and don't try for level 3s. Generally at 6 assassins (level 6) I don't lose much fights. Therefore, I get win streak gold + possible Econ Interest.

I play it out like a normal game. Get my Econ up, and I get level 8.

At level 7, I put in 3 Void + 6 Assassins (1 void kha, 1 void kass or reksai. I swap the non assassin for Cho if I can)

At level 8, I put in additional Gnar Lvl 2. This ensures wild synergy for Rengar (I make rengar my hyper carry with Blood Thirster + GA + RFC)

Variations: Blood t. can be replaced with Warmog's, instead of GA you can do dragon claw.
*RFC is a must, if you want him as your carry.

If I can't get those items on Rengar, make Evelyn or Akali your hyper carry.

GA + Luden's + Serapth/DragonClaw on Akali Star 2

GA + Dragon Claw + Gunblade on Evelyn Star 2 or 3

(Secret Tip: Try putting Demon Spatula on Gnar to make him into a demon, with evelyn synergy. HE WILL ULT LITERALLY 3 SECONDS INTO THE FIGHT)
2nd Chinese Cheese Strat Back to Top
6 Blade Masters + 4 Gunslingers

Generally similar to assassins+ void.

You have to make Lucian Lvl 2 or Trist Lvl 2 into a Blade Masters (same strat on getting spatula from carousel) Keep it mind there is a gamble element to this.

1. Most likely, you will start with gunslingers first, since they are the gold 1-2 units.
2. Ideally, you go on pirate gold and trade dying for gold. (If you can win on pirate gold, it's even better)
3. By stage 3-3, you should have a 4 gunslingers + Pirate comp.(While saving most blademasters you find)
4. You have 2 choices: Econ and get level 7 fast after wolves, or you ReRoll like crazy to find Star 3 gunslingers/blademasters.
5. Once you get lvl 7, you can look for jinx/draven <- <- <-

(make sure your items were all on an expendable champion, sell that champion and itemize Star 2 jinx or draven)

6. Econ, get lvl 8.

- choice #1 : 6 gunslingers with 3 blademasters (jinx/trist/lucian one of them blademasters)
- choice #2 : 6 blademasters (yasuo/draven) <- these champs become carries.

Challenger Tip:

My Variations*

Sometimes, when I find a swain early, I try to switch to Imperial if I have viable items for him (Guardian Angel + Morellonomicon)

So in that instance, I make swain a blademaster (bork + GA + Morellonomicon)

I ditch gunslingers and go:

6 blademasters + 2 Demons + 2 Imperials + Hextech

Draven Star 2 + Shen Star 2/3 + Aatrox Star 2 + Yasuo Star 1/2 + Swain Star 1/2 + Camille Star 2/3 + GangPlank Star 2 + Jinx Star 1/2

The Jinx isn't necessary. She gets put on at level 6 for hextech. She can be useful, but not the most important.

I itemize swain / draven (If i have tanky items only, Shen Star 3 or Aatrox star 3)

If I have a Star 3 GP, I itemize him with AP or AD. (generally ap/tear items though)
9.18 Changes Back to Top
This new rework is pretty substantial:

Knight comps are back.

Itemizing Akali / Katarina is OP now (Evelyn still works but not as effective as last patch)

Void assassins are still OP.

Mixing in Shapeshifters and Knights in your comp seems great.

Rangers+Knights still work great tbh.

The best and final strats I've seen are:

6 knights + draven with Bloodthirster (Scarra clapped the **** out of me with it last night)

3 Shapeshifters + Dragons + 4 Demons

3 Cores Katarina / Assassins + Void

2 Rangers + 6 knights or 4 Rangers + 4 Knights work really well

I'll have to play a lot more to figure other kinks out, these are the current builds I've been experimenting on. GL peeps.
Transitioning Back to Top
There usually is a timing where a person might need to transition into a higher deck comp.

I'll explain: Your Original deck you get to stage 4 with might be based off gold 1-3 champs; therefore, it's naturally going to be weaker than most gold 4-5 value champs.

You generally want to switch into a gold 4-5 champions deck in time, so you won't fall off.

The only exception to this would be the Rangers/Assassins in the current meta. These two power houses of synergies can work comprised of only gold 1-3 units. (Granted you still would need kindred or Sejuani for Ranger/Knight Comps)
HOW TO COUNTER VOID ass. Back to Top
Ashe + Kindred = 2 Rangers

(2 units)

Option 1: RageBlade + Shiv + Dragon Claw.
Option 2: RageBlade + Rageblade + ie / Ga
Option 3: RageBlade + Runaans + Runaans

Mordekaiser (Sej) + Poppy (Sej) = 2 Knights , 1 phantom

(2 units)

*Kennen + Liss + Brand (Anivia) = Elemental + 2 Glacial or 4 glacial

star 2 kennen with GA + morellos + Tear based item (demon kennen OP)
If no assasins in the game, put a dragon claw as third item to kennen

(Elemental) (3 units)

Lvl 7 Spike.

Spatula + giants belt = 4 glacial without anivia or Sej either way.

Lvl 8 Spike

Gnar Final Scale

(1 unit)

Kennen + Poppy + Gnar = 3 Yordles.
9.19 Patch + Gloves +Kaisa Back to Top
New Patch, quick update.

New OPs: Sparring Gloves + sparring gloves = OP (put this on any gold 4 star 2 champion and they will carry most of the times.

the void + assassin Cheese does not work so great anymore; instead, use 3 assassins, 2-4 Knights , and 2 rangers.

Yordles are actually viable with the new yordle glove. Try making a non yordle carry champ into a yordle. (Rapid fire cannon has also been nerfed; doesn't help against yordles)

Gold 1 Star 3 is a lot easier for some reason, try getting a tank gold 1 champion to star 3 early game, and scale late game. (garen,darius, morde . etc)

Kaisa is actually incredible strong. Use her with assassins and add 1 addtional ranger with her. (itemize rageblade, shyv, dragon claw)

*she's great with a decent front line in a fight
(void/brawlers + Kaisa = Easy top 3)

Iceborn Gauntlet <- on yordles or Shen ... OP as hell try that.

I'll add more details in the following few days. Let me know how ranked goes for you guys. If I miss anything, make sure to let me know. (I'll give credit on guide :D )

Also, I've recently joined a pro stream team called Horizon Union. Come say hi on my new twitter:
Hyper Roll Knights . + op comps Back to Top

best #1 hyper roll knights: gamble for top 2 or bottom 4 .

same thing as void assassin in previous meta
(literally the same with better probability)

Vayne star 3 hyper carry -> garen/morde/darius star 3 are what you are aiming for.

You can put kindred as well for 4 knights 2 Rangers early.

Final scale: 6 knights 2 rangers , or 4 knight 4 rangers

best #2 4 Wild + 3 Shapeshifters + 2 Dragons + 3 sorcerers
(bit of a gamble for *2gnar: top 4 if not)

(yordle spat on shyv for 3 yordles + 3 sorcs with lulu or veigar)

best #3 Draven : Itemize draven (former cores/giant slayer) katarina for ap cores

best #4 ninja assassins: top 4 gamble . need frozen hearts on akali

+ elemental
Hyper Roll WIlds Back to Top
Same as knights. Instead of vayne,mord,darius,garen. You get nid,elise,warwick and jayce to Star 3.

Itemize Jayce with titanic hydra, GA, and IE.

You can double IE or hydra depending on what you get first.

Double IE + GA is the most OP on jayce... (really hard to get though)
Get 4 wilds and let jayce carry ggez.
Prediction for New 9.20 meta Back to Top
I will say HIGHLY itemized AP lucian (gunslingers) will be the new OP.

Brawler + gunslinger will be OP as well.

Yordle might be great as well / either full yordles or partial yordle comps.

Assassins will be not as useful, while wilds might still be great.

Knights have also been nerfed so you might see a lot of Dragons again.
Current Meta Back to Top
Current Meta generally relies on an Adc to carry.

(You want 1 giant slayer on the adc)
I generally like to Itemize: Damage Item + attack speed item + Sustain item (ga,trapclaw

Kaisa , Jinx, and Draven are the best hyper carries atm.

You want to use 6 Brawlers (void) with kaisa and jinx.
With Draven you can use Knights 4-6
(Imperial is Key. Either 4 knights + 4 imperials + 2 guardians or 6 kinghts and 4 imperials)

The other meta build is: Dragon + Guardian. Make sure you sustain with warmoggs/thornmail on shyvana early .
Updating Weekly Back to Top
Since Meta Changes So Often in TFT, I'll update weekly.

Coming soon guys :)


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