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Udyr Build Guide by BranchesSin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BranchesSin

A Different look on Udyr

BranchesSin Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Welcome to "A Different take on Udyr".

I use this build in both ranked and normal play, and have found it very effective for my 'play style". Seeing as everyone is different. try it out and see what you may think of it. It is mainly for 3v3, and haven't even tried it in 5's yet. Twisted Treeline is my home.

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For runes i give credit to stonewall008, i use his basic jungling setup for Trundle.

8 greater marks of desolation,
1 greater marks of strength,
3 Quints of strength,
9 greater seals of Resilience,
9 greater glyphs of shielding.

To be honest, this was a fluke chance that i chose this page as i didn't want to try building the page out of sheer laziness. After realizing Tiger stance is based of Udyrs attack damage, I wanted to maximize its early game. Using these runes/masteries and dorans blade, your tiger stance has 149 bonus dmg. Which i find to be pretty optimal early game. In lane this works really well for last hitting with the extra AD, and even when pushed against a turret you can clear minions fast enough for the enemy to back off. Not to mention you will be taking much larger chunks of health from your opponent if they attempt to brawl. The only way i can see making any change to the runes would be opting for dodge instead of armor. I merely choose armor because i don't like relying on a chance. and if you are against an all melee team, you are going to buy ninja tabi to counter them with 15% regardless. so the extra armor reduces dmg taken when u don't dodge. Not to mention Each time udyr changes stances you gain % dodge, and you will be changing stances often. Just my opinion though.

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Now this is the interesting section, I use 15/0/15 Masteries.

For the offensive side of the tree you can either opt for archmages or deadliness.
I prefer Deadliness Mainly for the fact that again, we are using Tiger stance as our main source of Damage.

The main thing is to get that 3 ad, along with some attack speed and armor pen. These compliment your runes nicely and give that little extra edge.

I then opt for utility over Defensive for the reason of the increased experience gain, improved neutral buffs, and the movement speed.

Again, I relate to my Rune chapter, we don't need armor... we have runes, we dont need dodge, we passively get it, we dont need magic resist.. we have runes.

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If you looked at the neat pictures before reading, you notices i start with dorans blade. I choose this item because of its early game prowess. The extra AD adds to your tiger, the health you cannot beat, and hey! you get some lifesteal which is noticeable with this build! who would have thought 3% was noticeable. If you are against ranged i would opt for a shield for the extra armor and health regen. Even so the Blade is a much better choice for the offense. I only choose the shield if i really feel like they are "untouchable" and i need the extra protection and regen for when i can't attack.

next up is Madreds Razor! single most overpowered laning/jungling device in the game! Not to mention it builds into that Bloodrazor! and you will have the gold for it by level 4 with decent last hitting (even with a lane partner). Again tho, this is entirely up to you.

Usually i stay til i can afford madreds razor and boots of speed. that little bit of movement will help you farm and run/chase much better.

Now I know in the build order i listed Merc Treads, but i would like to state that if the other team isnt moving faster than you, you can go right into your catalyst. If NOT, then opt for your Merc treads as that tenacity will save you and moving fast is never a bad thing. (also note, if all melee, the ninja tabi are the better choice, but i still usually go with mercs for the tenacity as we have passive dodge as i explained before, i stress this often it seems.)

I then move on to catalyst, Yes its past laning stage, maybe lvl 7-9, but you cannot beat the health and mana, and it builds into the godsend Banshee's veil!

At this point, I listed bloodrazor, this is a must have. you can build it before catalyst considering the 1350 cost, but i usually don't need to with this skill order and tiger stance's damage. bloodrazor is nice end of mid into late game for those hp stackers, and it mixes your dmg with magic. Tigers ad scaling is potent with just that little bit of ad so theres no need for anything more offensive.

Now Time to make your shield last longer and make udyr really really annoying to kill.

I always finish up my Banshee's at this point cause i have my catalyst already prepared. I will note, I buy a 2nd negatron before sunfire if the enemy team is magic heavy. If not magic heavy, Opt for sunfire, you cannot beat aoe dmg, great health, and armor. Another good option would be randuins, but i prefer sunfire for udyr cause we have a movement speed enhancer and a stun that u can use on 3 ppl at once. again, my opinion. randuins i would probably opt if i used this in 5s.

Your almost fully built! games still dragging on? cant quit take down the others? having problems with mords ult? ww ult? malz ult? snares? stuns? etc etc etc. Quicksilver is worth more than anything you could pay for it. you could run force of nature for the movement speed, but again, we have bear stance and a stun. and with this build, you should live through a fair amount of damage. Quicksilver is just that final touch to "my" playstyle. it helps defensively, and offensively.

Now to clarify, madreds gives you enough damage. and armor/magic resist keep your shield up for longer. Hence this tanky build.

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Skill Sequence

Ready for first blood? have your dorans? waiting in that bush?

Here is where you decide what your first spell should be,

2 options only.

Tiger or Bear.

Depending on your team composition you need to decide which to use.

Literally 90% of the time it will be Tiger, which i explain in the next chapter.

Then depending on what you picked first, then choose your second which again is either Bear or tiger, depending on what your first pick was, pick the other. make sense?

Now you have your stun/chase and your damage. At lvl 3 you are going to toss a 2nd point into tiger as it greatly increases damage output.

At this point, you are going to need some decent defense. We now throw two points in Turtle.

with madreds razor and dorans, at lvl 5 you can solo dragon, make sure to enter Turtle as you hit dragon, then switch between tiger and turtle as it occurs.
This should become habit in fights, switch to bear to stun/chase back to tiger for dmg, turtle if they turn on you for dmg absorption.

Now you will alternate between tiger and turtle til maxed.
you do not need anymore in bear with your mastery setup and boots.
max bear stance last,

and pheonix when it opens.

pheonix is useless with this build, ignore it.

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Summoner Spells

Exhuast is my Go To spell. It ensures you will be in range to attack someone. I do not advise using anything other, unless you are laning with someone who has an exhaust, then MAYBE consider ignite for those mundo players. (maybe). Smite is another replacement for Exhaust, and a reason to take bear over tiger for lvl 1. But i only take this if i know my team mate can hold a lane 2v1 after i get madreds to jungle. I always start in lane regardless on TT. smite ensures buffs. you decide on exhaust or smite.

Exhuast is also the reason i opt for tiger > bear for lvl 1. it ensures i will be in range to attack for 3 seconds. more than enough time for tiger to proc its damage. and hopefully some of your teams focus fire also. (i know some people dont do this).

Flash and ghost. Only other options i see fit for udyr as a second spell, either are extremely versatile. ghost has lower cd. flash gets you the fk out when u need it. both great spells.

I do not use any ANY other spells with udyr.

to explain. "balance is key". i offensive spell, 1 defensive spell.

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Well, if you have made it this far, i hope this entire thing gets good, and constructive criticism. I am going to add, That once you have 3 stances. you need to constantly be switching between @ least 2 in a fight to keep your passive up. It is Udyrs playstyle regardless who you are. Other than that, I cant teach you focus fire, i can't pick your team mates, and i cant make game changing decisions for you. But i can give you the tools for it. and this guide is how i build this champ. It is very tanky as i don't see you needing anymore offense with the setup i use. Have fun initiating fights, and dealing a ton of damage throughout the range of the match. I hope you enjoy this build as much as i do.