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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lks10

A different take on reaching high elo (getting the right min

Lks10 Last updated on February 1, 2015
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Introduction to this guide

This guide won't be like other guides that tell you how to play.
This guide will just give you the right mindset and then the actual playing of the game should be a kids play.
I'm gonna be honest with you. I myself do not have diamond elo, because I feel it's a waste of time to go for high elo in league of legends,but other people might have a different opinion about that.
That's why I'm writing this guide. I do have 1152 PP on osu, which is about the same as being Diamond II on league.
Now lets get started on the guide.

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Getting the right mindset

The right mindset is what league is all about.
The most effective way to get the right mindset is with a good gaming atmosphere.
And a good atmosphere is best created using some music and such.
I recommend that you play while looping this song.
This song creates a atmosphere that is essential for getting high ranks on league of legends.
Another sound that you should loop while listening to the song is this sound.
This link is a video that plays various dying sounds of various champions.
This gets you into the mindset of killing enemies and it highly increases your average KDA. These two links are mandatory.
If you do not listen to them there will be a low chance that you will win any games.
Another tip is to not use a headset while listening to them, but to use speakers and to turn up the volume a good amount.

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The psychological warfare

Now you have the right mindset + atmosphere to play league, but your opponent might have the right mindset as well.
Therefor you need to destroy there mindset while keeping your own healthy.
To achieve this I have created 2 sections in this chapter.
Defending your own mindset + atmosphere & Destroying the opponents mindset + atmosphere.

Defending your own mindset
Your own mindset is most vulnerable to thrashtalking from the enemy OR even your own teammates. There is a very simple trick to countering this. Ignore ALL enemy and ALL teammates at the very start of the game. I know it may sound like a ****move to ignore your entire team, because you can't dicuss strategies and such, but the chat is more often used to flame and trashtalk. Therefor not ignoring everyone is a too big risk with not enough reward.

Destroying your opponents mindset
This is really simple. Once the opponents start the rage at eachother the game is almost a guaranteed win.
The opponents will start to rage at eachother if a person on there team starts doing stupid things.
All you need to do is to bait stupidity. Achieve this by simply writing ;) in /all everytime you kill an enemy.
No more no less.
This will make the enemy pissed off and they will try to dive you and such.
Keep writing the wink smiley everytime you kill someone and in no time the game is a guaranteed win. (never use the chat for ANYTHING else)

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Tips and tricks

This tactics works really good if you duoqueue.
You need to both go on a skype call or something simular and then start the song at the same time.
Speaking via voicechat is mandatory since the only thing you will ever write in the chat is a wink smiley.
Another thing that will greatly help is to play in a crowded room. The more people to hear the song, the better the atmosphere!
And last but not least a very VERY important tip/trick that is mandatory.
Only play ONE single champion with this technique.
This way you will make a link between this playstyle and the champion.
Playing more then 1 champion while using the techniques that this guide gives you will seriously damage your preformance ingame.
Choose therefor a champion that is viable in every role and that is almost never banned.

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Ending note

Thank you very much for reading my guide.
I know it was a bit short, but this technique is also a very simple technique & I dont have a lot of time to spend writing guides.
I would greatly appreciate some feedback since this is the first guide I have ever written.
I hope this guide was able to help you.


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