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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tryndfan

A fed trynd is a fed trynd!!

Tryndfan Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Norm build/quick jungling

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Hey tryndamere players! This is my first build I am making. I'm not new to the game or Tryndamere or anything I've just decided I would make a build and see what other people think of my build and maybe it helps some of you guys out on becoming better tryndamere players, now I'm not gonna say I'm the bset because there is somebody always out there thats bigger and better than you. Just takes time and practice, and if you ever need to ask questions go ahead and add me and ask Legionflames is my user name on LoL. I hope you like my build and I hope it helps you out, please leave commnts and tell me what you think about my build and what else I need to improve it.
Well enough of me blabering on lets get started.

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Pros/cons, Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells, and Abilities

First lets go over some Pros/Cons

1. Pros/Cons


-Crit alot!
-Fast attack
-First blood
-Hard hitter
-Situational items
-Early jungler


-First targeted
-Hard to master
-Low HP but more crit!
-Embarassing fail spins through wall


Greater Mark of Malice x9 0.93% Crit chance
Greater Seal of malice x9 0.42% Crit chance
Greater Glyph of Malice x9 0.28% Crit chance
Greater Quintessence of Malice x3 1.86% Crit chance

I use these runes for Trynd because with 30% crit at level one and going 1v1 in top solo lane is unstopable, and you'll be two hitting champions with your 8 stacks of bloodlust. This is how you get your first blood, I could see people using increased crit dammage or dodge, but I would highly recomed crit chance.


For masteries I did the basic that most DPS champions use 21/9/0. This is the best I see as trynd increases him offensivley and a little bit defensivley depending on who you are facing you can switch it up between having either 3 in hardiness or resistance depending if the other team is AP heavy or AD heavy. You will only b able to determine this in ranked 3's, but I still recomend getting 3 into hardiness because its mostly for helping you at low lvls defensivley bc late game that much isn't really going to mattr and your going to take mostly auto attack dammage at lower lvls. such as 1 and 2 so this will also help you gank and the increased movment speed with the dodge can help you get away or chase not that you really need it with your spinning slash.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust-Reduces movement speed by 40%, attack dammage by 70%, and ability and item damage dealt by 35% for 3 seconds.
This is pretty good for chasing or fighting and they hit hard to nerf there attacks by a bit, or maybe escaping.

Flash-Teleports your champion to your cursors location.
Flash and Spinning slash in 3's. Must I say more? Amazing for escaping,chasing,ganking, and everything u need in 3's.

These are the abilities I say are best for Trynd. Whats better than to slow your target thats running away, or make him hit you less and for less dammage. Exhaust pretty much makes u able to catch anybody and then on top of that flash u could go through 2 walls then spin again for a 3rd to catch up/gank/escape. I highly recamend these two spells. I honestly hated flash until I played trynd and got used to it bc every1 else used it and now I see why.
Now if you have some grudge or just absolutley hate flash or exhaust here are two other spells I have seen trynds use/suggest.

Heal-Restores 40+20x level health to your champion at 50% of that to nearby enemies.
I see why some people would get this bc I admit its saved my butt a couple times but, it's not gonna save you enough, its only good for low levels and ur trynd..u cn pretty much get away from any situation in 3's and at lvl 6 u shldn't need heal!
Ghost-Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 27% faster for 14 seconds.
I see people use this but it does not save them from me, I spin twords them or i can flash, or exhaust or mocking blow or do all and they just cant out run me.


Battle Fury(passive)-Tryndameres critical strike chance increases as he becomes more wounded.
This passive is amazing especially with your ult, you will b critting alot and hard at 1% HP for 6 seconds on your Ultimate. Best to not always b at full HP when engaging.

Bloodlust- Passive: whenever tryndamere criticaly kills or criticaly strikes a unit, he gains 3 attack dammage 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5% critical dammage for 15 seconds(stacks up to 8 times). Killing a unit or critcally striking while not bloodlusted applies 2 stacks instead of 1.

Active: Tryndamere consumes his bloodlusts restoring 10/20/30/40/50 health per bloodlust (+150% of ability power).

This is simply amazing because when you have 8 stacks and u crit you do more critical dammage so the lower HPu have the more u crit and u more u crit fastr ug et 8 stacks the hardr you hit then your ulti. just amazing combo all together. and if you need to run or when ur ult is abou tto go off spin away and heal and return to base.
Mocking Shout- Decreasing surrounding surroudning champions' physical dammage by 20/40/60/80/100 and enemies with there back turned get there movement spead slowed by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%. Lasts 4 seconds.

WHATS THIS!! YOU WANT TO RUN!! I DONT THINK SO!! This is a awsome ability used to catch othr players you are chasing down and it stacks with exhaust!!! double slow and spin and flash no1 will out run u!
Spinning Slash- Tryndamere spins through his enemies dealing 50% of his attack dammage +40/50/140/185/240%(+100% ability power) dammage to enemies in his pathe.

Passive: Slashes cool down is reduced by 2 seconds whenever tryndamere critically strikes.

This ability is really good for moving around the map fast and chasing people down and with your flash its like have two spins. also a little tip. many cases u may fly over a wall and find enemies and ur cd is down and flash is down, simply hit the enemies and pop ur ult if u hav to and crit to get ur Cool down lowered so u can spin right back through so u do not die. recently figured this strategy out. :)

Undying Rage(Ultimate)- Tryndamere becomes copmletley immune to death for 6 seconds, refusing to be reduced below 1 health. His abilitis require no cost at this time and he gains 4/6/8 bloodlust stacks.

Do i really need to explain? YOU GET TO BECOME GOD FOR 6 SECONDS AND BEAT THE CRUD OUT A PEOPLE! This is why people say Trynd is OP bc u can sipmly beat on som1 for 6 second and not die or turret dive for 6 seconds or ult and spin through a wall and live. its just amazing!!

before we move on..last but not least

Skill Sequence

For my skill sequence I see alot of Trynds get Spinning Slash over Bloodlust and I just roll over them they either like to duke it out and which I have the uper hand bc of me having 8 stacks exhaust and if they spin away i have flash/spin/exhaust. So i prefer to get bloodlust first for the stacks and get your spinning slash 2nd for the kill, when solo lane (Which you should be top soloing ALWAYS) you wat to kill the minions faster than your oponent and hit lvl 2 which by then there will b 1 minion left out of the creep and you spin twords them if they attack you exhaust rape, if they run away or flash away u falsh with them or u spin aftr them again and finisht them off, it nevr fails i always get firs blood before lvl 3. if you have to take some harrasement hits and pop a potion or run in and out of the bushes then get them. then get you Mocking shout ability, this is very good for chasing down oponents that liek to run way and on top of tat your flash and spin ability, nobody should b able to run from you. maybe a lucky kassadin but thats about it. then once u have all 3 abilities stack your Bloodlust except for when your Ulti is up at 6 11 and 16, and at lvl 8 you wont b able to get another bloodlust so i get mocking shout bc that is a big slow boost and helps u catch them faster, after 8 continue getting blood lust and ur ulti and max out spining slash 2nd then mocking shout.

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Early, Mid, and Late game.

Here I will explain how I play in detail in 3's.


Ok first things first, your starting items. You want to get Bralwers gloves and two health potions and always go top lane, a fed trynd is the best fed champ that i've seen, he just walks through teams. Now if u dont know this teams like to gank and try to get kills before minions spawn, my suggestion is DONT DO IT unless your team is beast! bc its hrd to get that first kill if you let the person going top to get a kill or two, that totally ruins your game, my suggestion just dont do it, but teams if they see u rn't there, they like to go in the bushes by the minion spawn closest to your side in middle and wait for you to go and start killing minions in the lane so what i do is i sit and i waint in tht bush until minions r close to make sure thye dont come and gank me then you head up, the key once the minions get there is b sure to get the last hit stacking up your bloodlust to 8, and kill all the minions but 1. there will b 1 minion of theres left when you hit lvl to quicky put it into spinning slash and spin at the enemy, you having 8 stacks will hit them very vry hard if they start to run exhaust right away
then flash twords them if they flash away and get that kill. once then push your lane and keep it pushed at lvl 3 or 4 u can go back and buy a vamperic sceptor and possibly your boots. getting this early wil allow u to jungle sooner get more gold, and lvl faster, exactly what trynd does, he takes over the jungle/ganks/pushes. so when u go back head out spin out the wall and kill those minions by your base then go up and make sure ur lane is pushed if not then push your lane and then go into jungle by then you'll b lvl 6, ALSO b4 you venture into jungle make sure to keeep looking at bottom lane, if they are pushing your bottom tell ur teammates with a ping that your gonna gank and have them help you and get a kill or two.


so you should have like 3 kills by lvl 7 or 8 and you want to get your berserker greaves, then get your zeal, if you have enough for a phantom dancer get it, if you dont get a b.f. sword. but if you dont have enough for either just buy the cloak or sword foreeeee phantom dancer ONLY IF you do not have a yi, mundo, warwick or somebody that heals easily on the other team. if so after zeal grab executioners calling. your going ot need it and it will make the difference betwen winning and losing, after that grab phantom dancer or finish off infinite edge, but you should ahve infinite edge and phantom dancer, and either a vamperic sceptor or the executioners calling. next your gonna want to get a blood razor, DONT FORGET THSI IS VERY IMPORTANT keep jungling and ganking and pushing your lane if they are all bot push and hit the towr or take it out, and at lvl 10 you can get dragon and at lvl 5 u can get red buff or sooner if teammates help but constantly get those, they matter alot as well.


Ok, so you have your boots, phantom dancer, infinite edge, and black cleaver. NOW IS WHEN IT COMES TO SITUATIONAL. you need to look and see what they are stacking, weither it be armor or health or they are just squishies. which ever it may be you need to adjust your items to make you win. and just keep up the ganking, jungling, getting all the buffs, and just staying fed, try to edn teh game early or break there knees and bedn them over and make them want to surrender because late game is where your going to have to do all the work if they are playing coplete defense and it gets annoying and very irritating.

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Core Item Build


Now the other item is completley up to you, I mean you could go more attack speed and get a phantom dancer, or mro lifesteal or dammage bu ti'm goint to help you with those choices first of all here are the items i would suggest to get as your last item or items i would prefer you to have do to situational

ok so first, lets go ahead and i'm gonna suggest throwing that 2nd blood thirster out of the question because u need some lifesteal but late game thers really no need for a second one, but to decided weither to get executioners calling or a bloodthirster, you want to look at who your facing, you want to get executioners calling if you are facing people that heal such as yi, sion, mundo, warwick, and champions to that nauture, you want executioners calling for its active ability which works as ignite, it reduces there healign they recive by 50% and it only has a 20 sec CD. so now you are looking at what guys you are facing, if it is beefy DPS your going to want to look at see what they have see if they are 1 of 2 things. 1. Stacking armor. if they stack armor u want to get the last whisper, it gives dammage and 40% armor pen. if they are stackign health you are goign to want to get the bloodrazor because its 4% magical dammage of there total health, that destroys tanks or tanky DPS that stack health and they die ver fast. Now if you are playing agaisnt casters or squishies i'd go and get another phantom dancer bc with your dammage your doing and to just attacking 50% faster thats crazy you'd b doing like 1K dammag in half a second, they will b eaten alive! and last but not least guardian angel, if you are facing a team that is getting murdered but they are playing hardcore D and u cant seem to kill all of them to finish off the tower or last inhib and cant back door i suggest get th gurdian angel, you are going to have teammates that cant do it so basically waht your going to do is sacrafice your life u spin through the wall into the base attack the turret or inhib they kill you, you come back alive pop your ult then finish off the inhib or tower and GG. sometime it coemse to you sacraficing your life to take down buildies bc the enemy is just playing hardcore defense.


Grab elixirs if u dont have enough for even a small item a elxir will make the difference in a 1v1 battle. and late game when you have al you can get, grab elixirs and oracle and kill there sight wards whenever you cross them will be easier to gank without them knowing your coming. Also get vision wards and keep 1 in mid and kill there sight wards this will upset them alot and they wotn b able to see you coming. perfect to keep ganking!